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3 Easy Art Projects to Do at Home

It’s always fun to get creative. No matter how skilled or talented you may be, it’s rewarding just spending the time to try and create something. Wit

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It’s always fun to get creative. No matter how skilled or talented you may be, it’s rewarding just spending the time to try and create something. With that being said, arts and crafts is not for everybody, and it may be a bit demoralizing struggling with certain projects. If that’s the case, don’t panic, because there are still plenty of awesome and easy to do art projects that you can try at home, that’s bound to impress not only yourself but other family members too.

Here are three of those art projects that are sure to get those creative juices flowing.

Paint by Numbers Kits

Think of paint by numbers kits as cheat sheets to help you create fantastic pieces of art that you can be proud of. For those just getting into the world of painting, these kits are great places to start as they can help guide you throughout the painting process and help you develop your painting technique.

Another great thing about paint by numbers kits is that there are different types to suit different ages and experience levels. There are simple kits for children, and more detailed options for adults, where you may also have to blend colours together. If you follow the instructions correctly, as well implementing some tips and tricks, you’ll be surprised at the quality of your painting.


For beginners, knitting can seem a difficult pastime. It requires tactile and delicate moments, but after a small amount of practice, the craft becomes almost second nature, allowing you to create some adorable, but also useful items. There is a lot of terminology and different knitting methods to learn which can be overwhelming when starting, but if you just stick to the basics of knitting, then it should be a reasonably manageable art project.

When starting knitting, it is best to use thick wool, as this is a lot easier to manage and requires less dexterity, which can help you build up your confidence. Focus on knitting squares to start off with too, and avoid any complicated designs until you’re really comfortable with the process. When finished, these squares can be used as clothes too, meaning that even the simplest of knitting can create useful items.

Once you get the hang of it, why not play around with some fun and different shades of wool, which you can get now with a Hobby Lobby coupon.

DIY Lavender Soap

Making your own soap is a really fresh and somewhat bohemian feeling art project that’s not only super easy, but also really pleasant due to the scents involved. To make your really pretty and fancy looking soap all you need is a goat’s milk melt and pour base, some dried lavender, lavender oil and some silicone soap moulds. If you don’t fancy lavender, there are plenty of other scents you can try too.

To make your soap, simply melt around 1Ib of the goat milk and pour base over a hob in a bowl, or in a microwave. Be sure to stir the mixture frequently until it’s completely melted. Then you have to add around 10-18 drops of lavender oil to the mix, depending on how strong you want the scent. Then add the dried lavender to this mix, stir it all up and put it in the moulds for setting. It needs around 24 hours to set, but once it’s done you’re left with a delicious smelling bar of soap that’s not only creative but super easy.