Is the refrigerator the proper place to store perfumes in summer?


Is the refrigerator the proper place to store perfumes in summer?

For everyone who asks about the best place to store perfumes in the summer, here is the experts opinion on the appropriate conditions for storing pe

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For everyone who asks about the best place to store perfumes in the summer, here is the experts opinion on the appropriate conditions for storing perfumes and protecting them from damage by heat and humidity.

The composition of the perfume usually depends on a delicate chemical balance, so it is easily susceptible to damage and has a shelf life affected by the conditions in which it is kept. This is confirmed by experts in the perfume industry. They warn fans of perfumes collectors that storing them in inappropriate conditions reduces the strength of the fragrance and modifies its smell, which can become unpleasant.

Keep perfumes in cool, dark places

The beautiful appearance of perfume bottles may be tempting to decorate the table in the bedroom. But what many of us don’t know is that the light rays damage the perfume’s structure and change its smell. Therefore the best place to store the fragrance is the dark and dry corner, such as cans and safes. These conditions are sufficient to preserve the perfume until the last drop of it.

And if the applying of the perfume to the skin immediately after bathing remains the best time to maintain its stability for as long as possible, then keeping perfumes on the bathroom shelves is the worst place to store them due to the changes in the heat and humidity in this place.

Some people keep perfumes in the car to keep them within their reach when they are outside the home, but this is also a big mistake, according to the opinion of perfume experts, especially with the high temperature of the weather during a large part of the year.

What role does the casing of the perfume bottle play?

The packaging of the perfume bottle may be made of cardboard, plastic or metal. And its role in all these cases is to provide the appropriate conditions for storing the perfume. The packaging protects the glass bottles of fragrances from breakage and from light and moisture that negatively affect the perfume’s composition and aroma.

The bottles of most perfumes are provided with a tightly closed nebulizer cap that works to prevent air from entering the inside of the bottle and causing oxidation of the fragrance and thus damage it. Therefore it is advised not to transfer perfume water from its main bottle to another bottle for any reason, as this would cause a change in its composition and smell..

What causes the color of the perfume to change?

When a change in the color of the perfume is accompanied by a change in its aroma, it means that it has lost its validity. The change in color is usually related to the type of ingredients used in its structure, as fragrances that contain amber can turn their color from brown to green. And some of the ingredients in perfumes have a lower shelf life than other ingredients, citric notes are usually known for their short life if they are compared with pink and woody notes.

Some of the natural ingredients present in the perfume are subjected to a change in color without affecting the smell of the perfume, and therefore it cannot be assured that the perfume has lost its validity only if the change in its color is combined with the change in its smell. A change in the color of the perfume may sometimes indicate that its storage conditions are not particularly appropriate when exposed to intense light and sun.

The best place to keep perfumes

Some perfume experts recommend keeping it in the fridge in the summer, but opinions remain mixed in this area due to the diversity of perfume formulations: fragrance, fragrance spirit, and fragrance water. These formulations are rich in aromatic ingredients and are usually sensitive to sharp rise and sharp temperature drop, so it may not be desirable to keep them in the refrigerator..

The lighter concentrations are toilet water, cologne water, and fresh water that is more commonly known as naming ” MIST”. They bear more changes in the heat and can be saved in the refrigerator during periods where the weather temperature is high, it is advisable in this case, keep the perfume in the refrigerator until fully used because the change in temperature between the refrigerator and outside will be reflected negatively on the composition.

Some experts point out that applying the cooler fragrance in the refrigerator to the pulse regions, which are the warmest in the body, is not enjoyable for some and does not provide a feeling of refreshment that the application of skin care products that are kept in the refrigerator in summer.