Check Some Underrated World Stories and Places to Visit in New York City

There’s always a new adventure to be taken in New York, but with a state as large as ours sometimes it can feel overwhelming to try and find a new at

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There’s always a new adventure to be taken in New York, but with a state as large as ours sometimes it can feel overwhelming to try and find a new attraction to head towards. With so much to see and do, it’s easy to have even the coolest of activities fall underneath your radar. Giving you some inspiration for your next day trip, here are some ideas for when you’re trying to decide the next adventure you want to take in the Empire State!

Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is one of the underrated attractions in NYC.  The reason is that when you are on Roosevelt Island, you can look straight at NYC and appreciate the view from a unique perspective. But Roosevelt Island has a lot more to offer and makes for a nice day trip from Manhattan.

Named for Franklin Roosevelt, the island is 2 miles long, connects to midtown Manhattan and can be reached from Manhattan via the bridge, subway and the only commuter tram in the U.S.  The tram on the land can be boarded with a metro card and the 5-minute ride is a fun experience. You will see some  great views across the East River, the 59th Street bridge, and, of course, Manhattan.

Panorama of the City of New York

Let’s get real, with all of the amazing things to do and places to visit in the big apple, it’s not possible to visit everything – no matter how much free time you’ve got. Luckily, tackling Gotham is made a little easier with this Panorama – and why? Because it combines all of the boroughs into a single room. But don’t think you’ll be seeing a miniature here, the Panorama of the City of New York still spans for an impressively vast 9,335-square-foot, allowing for fantastic detail that can be discovered by eagle-eyed visitors. Peer down and you’ll feel like Google Earth, spotting your local, favorite coffee shop. Plus, if you want to get really involved you can purchase some of the cheapest real estate in New York – scaled-down apartments on this model cost as little as 100 dollars. 

Chimney Bluffs State Park – Wolcott

An area that was greatly affected by Lake Ontario’s flooding this year, Chimney Bluffs State Park has been steadily regaining it’s shoreline. A beautiful place to visit during the fall when you’ll find less visitors and more foliage surrounding the area, the state park features short but sweet hiking trails that will realise you how stunning this interesting New York natural wonder is.

Erie Canal Park – Camillus

Only 15 minutes outside of the city of Syracuse, the beguiling humble community of Camillus is concealing endlessly New York’s own one of a kind Erie Canal Park. Directly along Nine Mile Creek, the recreation center is open each day consistently and even has an exhibition hall and pontoon visits! One of the most fascinating pieces of this park is the way that it includes a reestablished water system that dated back to 1844.

Snug Harbor Cultural Center

Sitting just a ferry ride away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, this former home for retired sailors is still something of a secret. Spread across 83 acres, the area boasts an enormous botanical garden and cultural center surrounded by cobblestone streets and Victorian and Tudor homes. One of the most popular attractions here is the Chinese Scholar’s Garden, fitted with magnificent rocks meant to resemble mountains inspired by the poetry and paintings of Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist monks, as well as a bamboo forest path and koi pond.

New York Conservatory Garden

Right on the outskirts of Central Park on 103rd Street is one of the prettiest gardens in Manhattan, The Conservatory Garden. It is one of the most underrated attractions in the city because it is uptown far from the regular tourist routes. But it is definitely worth the trip.  The entrance of the garden is through the iron-wrought gates that were rescued from the Vanderbilt mansion before it was torn down. The mansion once stood where Bergdorf Goodman stands today on 59th Street and 5th Avenue.

The Roxbury – Delaware County

Taking you out to a remote area of New York, the small town of Roxbury is home to what’s probably safe to say is our state’s most unique hotel. The colorful building with splashes of electric green paint will immediately catch your eye, but it’s what you’ll find inside of the actual rooms that will utterly wow you. Each room at The Roxbury has it’s own theme, with rooms modeled after The Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, a genie bottle, coconut cream pie and so many other quirky themes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The Cloisters

For what reason would The Cloisters be on a rundown of underestimated attractions in NYC when they are so radiant? Since they, as different goals referenced here, are a long way from the primary vacationer track.

This amazing collection of medieval artifacts and gardens form a part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art network, and they are no less stunning than the museum itself.  The museum consists of four cloisters that were purchased in Europe, dismantled, transported to the U.S., and reassembled in Fort Tyrone Park in Washington Heights, New York in the 1930s.

Havana Glen Park – Montour Falls

Outside of the  New York City area where it feels like there’s a waterfall on just about every corner you turn, Havana Glen Park offers a more quiet and secluded experience than populated places like Watkins Glen State Park. Walkthrough the park and intensely beautiful gorge and you’ll get to find multiple waterfalls that will have you appreciating New York as your home state.

The Strong National Museum of Play – Rochester

Not your average museum, The Strong Museum in Rochester is known for its lively exhibits and magical places like their Butterfly House. In NewYork, you find Metal Buildings Garages in the houses for sheds. An exciting place for visitors of all ages to come and explore, you’ll find some of your favorite childhood characters hiding in plain sight all throughout the museum and find lots of hands-on activities for you to experience.

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