How to choose the best product? Your guide to skin care

No woman neglects to clean her skin, this is a foregone conclusion, but the question: Is she cleaning her skin properly? Unfortunately, if you cho

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No woman neglects to clean her skin, this is a foregone conclusion, but the question: Is she cleaning her skin properly?

Unfortunately, if you choose the wrong products, cleaning the skin may cause you problems such as dehydration, acne, etc., so this step must be carefully studied, especially as it is the cornerstone of skin care industry.

Is one face cleanser enough?

It depends on your skin type and your daily routine, but the answer is often: No, as many experts recommend using double cleaning as a minimum, which means that you have to choose two types of cleansers appropriate for your skin.

It is important to know that the care that your skin needs at night differs from that required by day or after exercising.

The type of detergent you need varies depending on your skin type, whether it is Touchy, dry, or sleek. As harsh cleansers may make your skin worse if they are dry, thick, or light cleansers on touchy or acne-prone skin will clog up pores only.

Thus, it will not be a single cleanser sufficient to secure your skin needs, so it is important that you see the dual ritual to achieve the desired benefit.

Dual cleaning rites

By dual cleaning, we mean using an oily cleaner first and then moving to an watery cleaner.

First, start gently massaging your skin with an oily cleanser until all the dirt and makeup are completely dissolved for at least 1 minute.

It is especially important to start with this step because, unlike normal detergents, an oily cleaner can combine with sebum and dirt coming out of the pores and removing them.

The next step is to choose a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type, such as a moisturizing gel or milk or a cleansing cream, and you can also use a foaming cleanser. Also clean for a minute before you wash your face with water.

How you choose the appropriate cleanser for your skin type?

Here we will show you the different types of cleansers to choose the one that suits your skin type:

Cleansing gel

The cleansing gel can be used whether you have Touchy, dry, or sleek or acne prone skin.

This type of detergent is ideal for deep cleaning, as it removes congestion of pores and removes excess oils without tiring the skin.

However, beware of strong ingredients that can strip your skin of moisture .If after using the gel, you feel that your skin is too tight, it means that you use a type that does not fit your skin.

Cleaning cream

Creamy cleansers are best for dry or sensitive skin, or for older women.

The cleaning cream is usually a very dense and moisturizing formula. You can order original monobenzone 20% cream online

Some products recommend applying it to dry skin and wiping with a cotton swab – in this case, it is best to use a toner after ensuring that no residue is left on your skin.

But avoid extraordinarily rich cream cleaners and make sure the stickers have a phrase non-comedogenic, as these types may block the pores.

Foam cleaners

Foaming cleaners are best for oily or acne-prone skin , and are great for deeply cleaning pores.

There is little controversy about foaming cleansers, as some believe they can be very harsh on the skin, but overall, they are a great option for oily skin types, just make sure your skin is completely hydrated after cleaning.

And try to avoid detergents containing sodium lauryl sulfate because this component can irritate sensitive skin.

Milk cleaners

This type of cleanser is best for dry, normal, sensitive skin and for aging women.

It is made up of very gentle milky formulas with a silky texture.

These cleaners can dissolve dirt, makeup, and grease with the oils in them, and they are also moisturizers for the skin.

If you are wearing makeup or just finished exercising, you may want to start with a strong detergent first and then follow it with a milk cleaner to give the best results.

Oil cleaners

Best for: removing makeup dry, sensitive skin or eczema.

When you massage your skin with an oily cleaner, these oils pull makeup and dirt from your pores.

The oil cleanser is a genuinely nice way to remove dirt, and it not only clogs pores but just removes impurities.

Cleaning oils also work to balance and maintain the natural pH of your skin, which prevents your skin from producing excess oil.

Skin care routine

For the morning: You only need to use something very gentle, such as milk, cream or gel (or even simply with water) because you’ve already cleaned your skin well in the night before, so there is no need for deep cleaning .

For the evening: Use an oil or conditioner cleanser first, as it can be used for all skin types and does not strain the skin. Then use another cleanser based on your skin type.

Finally, a gentle toner can be used after cleaning, which will help remove the final effects of any makeup or dirt and re balance your skin’s pH.