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Real-world business problems that can be solved with the cloud

In recent years, the term ‘cloud computing’ has become the hottest buzzword in IT and technology circles - but just what is the ‘cloud’ and how can t

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In recent years, the term ‘cloud computing’ has become the hottest buzzword in IT and technology circles – but just what is the ‘cloud’ and how can this relatively new tech be used to solve common problems faced by many businesses?

In this article, we take a look at how cloud computing can help improve your network performance, reduce costs, increase your company’s security and enhance your staff’s performance and productivity.

Mobile connectivity

The use of mobile devices has exploded over the last few years and with network coverage and connection speeds improving all the time, it shows little signs of abating. With 5G networks being rolled out globally, more and more of us will be working and communicating on mobile devices in the future.

Cloud services allow employees to access all their email platforms, applications and data in a virtual desktop – regardless of the device used and irrespective of location. With the cloud, your employees can work anywhere that has an internet connection, giving rise to true mobility in the workforce.

No more costly, time-consuming network upgrades

The cloud offers remote hosting and processing, meaning you’ll never have to endure costly and time-consuming upgrades ever again. Instead, cloud service providers can instantly upgrade storage, software, bandwidth and processing requirements at the press of a button, making your network truly agile and responsive to changing needs. Moreover, you’ll have complete peace of mind that your network is always running the best and most up-to-date architecture without having to pay for tech updates yourself. It’s all part of the service.

A truly scalable, flexible network

Related to the above, a cloud network can grow and adapt with your business. No company stands still and the requirements you have today will likely be very different to those you will have tomorrow. With a traditional, fixed network your hands are more or less tied once you’ve purchased your networking equipment. With cloud services like those offered by 24×7 IT Solutions, you can add or remove features immediately, allowing you to have a truly scalable and flexible system.

Reduced operating costs

When you move from a traditional IT network to one that’s cloud-based, you also move from having a fixed capital expense to a monthly operating cost – and one that you can scale back or increase as your situation changes. Furthermore, you’ll also reduce the inevitable costs of servicing, maintenance and other unpredictable costs of running your own network. With the cloud, these costs and concerns become the responsibility of your provider.

Data security and options for recovery

Data loss or compromise is possibly the single greatest risk that faces companies today. Indeed, the majority of Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) cite data security as their greatest concern.

From cybercrime to server crashes or power outages, the risks to networks are considerable and can have disastrous consequences. However, with the cloud, these concerns are passed directly to your provider – meaning you can rest easy in the security of your network. Moreover, modern cloud services come complete with comprehensive data back-up functions, saving you the worry of ever suffering potentially catastrophic data loss.