Reincarnation Stories : Spooky Past Lives Of Celebrities

Reincarnation Stories ?? Is this a proof that past life exists ? So do the parted souls have connections to this earth ?? There seems to be plent

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Reincarnation Stories ?? Is this a proof that past life exists ? So do the parted souls have connections to this earth ??

There seems to be plenty of evidence. We are not sure of the common folks, but these celebrities definitely prove our point. So was the ancient hindu wisdom right ?

Check Out The Pics Of These Celebrities which prove that they were actually present in history in some or other culture (Some times in similar professions). This is quite spooky but none of it is untrue. Check out for yourself !

1. Matthew Mccann Hey

Matthew Mccann Hey

Have a look at this picture. This is Matthey Mccann Hey on the left and to the right is a gentleman of the 20th century who according to sources is a union soldier. You can see the similarity in the facial hair and even the eyes. (Eyes never delude, mind you)

2. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

We think when we talk about past life, it is not just the appearance. Other things such as mannerisms, expressions and small things like dressing sense can also be the same. This picture of Nicolas Cage and a 100 year old photograph prove our point.

3. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

This man we think always had a swag. But looks like he has left a mark. It looks a little spooky but we think that souls never let go of their past life impressions (This is what makes reincarnation stories so mind boggling).

4. Leonardo Dicaprio

This girl in the picture is Judy Zipper. What caught the attention of many is the uncanny resemblance it has with some one you know. Yes we think Leonardo Di Caprio.

Even small things like the choice of haircut can startle you apart from looks. This makes us believe reincarnation stories are not restricted to same culture/gender.

5. Sylvester Stallone

The deformed Sylvester Stallone face almost became his trademark. His childhood injuries has got something to do with his past life too ? Did karma affect his appearance ?  We just cannot believe our eyes. This is Pope Gregory IX from 1227.

6. Mark Zuckerburg

Mark Zuckerburg

Now who would expect Mark Zuckerburg on this list. We see the whole story now. This is Philip IV of Spain on the right. On the left is facebook

CEO Zuckerburg. We just proved our point. They hold great positions in the world because their souls have higher purpose ! (You can thank us for the knowledge)

7. Brad Pitt

This is none other than Brad Pitt. Oh yes we can only guess, but he must have been his kinky usual self even in some other lifetimes. Reincarnation stories actually speak volumes about world leaders, humans histories and people famous for adopting children.  (oops no offence)

8. Michael Jackson

This is very unusual. But looks like the King Of Pop has had an even interesting past. The old Egyptian bust only tells us that this soul was always meant to be the center of attraction. And he was worshiped even in this life time !
Reincarnation stories are a proof that every soul has a journey. But it might not be restricted to one life time.

One of the spookiest explanations we can have for you is that these souls might just be time travelers !! (They might be doing it all on purpose). We will end this with a quote “The Heart Has A Yearning From The Unknown”. – Richard Jefferies.
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