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Do You Not Like Being Yourself At An Interview? Here’s The Attitude You MUST Keep!!!

The SWOT Analysis: Before going for an interview, self exploration is always recommended. Make a list of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportuni

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The SWOT Analysis:

The SWOT Analysis

Before going for an interview, self exploration is always recommended. Make a list of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as these will help you in answering the questions of the interviewer with wittiness.



Honing your technicality is one task, and the way you present those skills is another. Always remember that you don’t have to show that you know EVERYTHING. That is not humanely possible. Just be confident and correct in whatever you say regarding your technical skills. And don’t be afraid to accept if you don’t know a few topics.

Self Motivation

You can convince an interviewer to believe in you only if you have the same belief for yourself. Keep on motivating yourself that you have the capability to do the job and have the potential to perform better than the company asks for. Being lethargic in believing in yourself surely won’t fetch you a job.



There is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence. Being confident usually leaves a great impression on everyone, but it doesn’t take time for this confidence to turn into overconfidence. It is when the pleasant impression on the interviewer will turn into an ordeal. So be confident and remain on the safer side of that thin line.

DO NOT Act Fake

DO NOT Act Fake

Acting in an interview refers to showcasing what you want to show to the interviewer. Bring out the best in you and present it in front of the interviewer in a natural manner. Don’t ever fake the facts or flaunt yourself excessively. Interviewers are experienced people and they can look right through such behavior.



Now, this will be a diplomatic tip, but it does help. Never set your temperament at a constant level. Research for the job profile before appearing for the interview and set your temperament as per the requirement. Some jobs may require your skills as a team worker, while a few others may ask for perfectionism on an individual scale. So present yourself only after doing your homework.

Now, many of your friends and colleagues might refer you to be dishonest at an interview, but dishonesty can lead you to get nervous, and the experienced interviewer could easily judge you lying, hence minimizing your chance of selection.

So better be honest at interview, and if that honesty is not in your favor, apply such an approach and mould the statement in such a manner that it showcases you as the hero.


Relax at work
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Nervousness acts as a great brain washer. You won’t even be able to speak properly if nervous in front of the interviewer. So just take a couple of deep breaths, relax and get ready for the interview.

Be Yourself

This has become more of a cliché than an attitude alteration. Being yourself does help a lot as one can easily explain his true self without fumbling much. If one tries to convince the interviewer that he has some qualities that he actually doesn’t possess, he surely will get nervous in doing so.

Open Attitude