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The most serious natural disaster “threatens” mankind

The American newspaper "New York Post" published a report in which it pointed most dangerous to the possible natural disasters that may threaten mank

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The American newspaper “New York Post” published a report in which it pointed most dangerous to the possible natural disasters that may threaten mankind.

The report of the American newspaper indicated that due to climate change, “ill-considered” human activity and other factors, “natural” disasters are becoming more common.

There are many possibilities that may constitute major disasters, and eliminate large numbers of people, as in the following list:

The massive Yellowstone volcano eruption

Yellowstone volcano
Yellowstone volcano , Image credit: nypost

Yellowstone National Park is located on top of a huge volcano up to 70 km wide, still active, and erupting at any time.

The last major eruption of the volcano was 630 thousand years ago, but its eruption again will be something “unlike anything that humanity has witnessed,” as the author of the book “End of Times” Brian Walsh wrote in an editorial in the New York Times, “in which he indicated that this ” future disaster” can lead to massive destruction and deaths in large numbers.

Toba Volcanic Lake

 Toba Volcanic Lake
Toba Volcanic Lake, Image Source: Pure Travel

Indonesia is a land of volcanoes, so it is not far from volcanic eruptions all the time, the most recent of which is the eruption of Mount Merapi volcano in 2018.

However, there is a greater threat to Southeast Asian countries, which lies in Lake Toba, and is represented by what can be described as the “forgotten volcano”.

Before 75.000 years the world population has shrunk dramatically, according to scientists because of this volcano.

Hilina Slump Collapse -Hawaii

Hilina Slump
Hilina Slump, Image Credit: Wikipedia

On the southern slope of the Big Island of Hawaii, lies the famous “Hilina Slump”, where from time to time a landslide generates shocking tsunami waves.

According to the British newspaper “The Independent”, there was “evidence that a similar collapse in the nearby Mona Loa area about 120,000 years ago led to a tsunami with a height of more than 400 meters.”

In 1975, the Hilina Slump movement generated a smaller but devastating tsunami, and its effects have reached California.

Devastating Hurricanes

Devastating Hurricanes

Besides these potentially devastating disasters, which may occur at any time, there are other natural disasters, which may be devastating and fatal, such as huge hurricanes, where hurricanes : Irene, Katrina, Wilma and Sandy, which hit the Eastern and Southern coasts of the United States, caused damage of billions of dollars, and claimed many lives.

To make matters worse, because of climate change, these devastating hurricanes, which occur almost every year, are expected to increase.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Earthquakes and Tsunamis

In addition to volcanoes and hurricanes, there are devastating earthquakes, which may cause massive damage, and may be followed by devastating tsunami also.

In California, for example, the massive devastating earthquake, which has caused enormous ruin and destruction in the past, is expected to happen again, as the US Geological Survey warned of the possibility of an earthquake of magnitude 8 or more striking California over the next few decades. .

Destructive earthquakes may also recur on the Western coast of Chile, or in Indonesia, resulting in a tsunami that kills thousands.