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Tips for arranging bathroom for luxurious moments

The bathroom as a place to relax for some time and enjoy the moments of cuddle away from the worries of daily life pressure, and many of us inspired

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The bathroom as a place to relax for some time and enjoy the moments of cuddle away from the worries of daily life pressure, and many of us inspired most of the creative ideas or smart solutions to problems while enjoying bath Relaxation of hot water,  comforts and luxury must be available in the bathroom of your home , whatever the size.

The most important elements of comfort and enjoyment is ensuring a tidy bathroom that is an artistic and elegant arrangement . Nothing is worse than a bathroom in which tools and lotions are scattered..

Perhaps we all asked ourselves sometimes about the secret of our happiness in the hotel and resorts bathrooms. The secret lies not only in the luxury of design but also in the elegance of arranging the bathroom as well.

For this we offer today tips and ideas to help you arrange the bathroom in artistic ways that make the period of using the bathroom a pleasure and relaxation.

Discard Mess

Mess your first enemy in the beauty of the bathroom , start collecting all the mess scattered bottles of shampoo, cosmetics, hair accessories and tools and others, Discard all expired in shelves or closet or a variety of baskets.

Colors  Is elegance Element

You might think it is normal to use multi-colored and multi-colored towels, but this is incorrect and distracting and dispels the feeling of relaxation… You must use the towels in the form of kits colors and elegant inscriptions.. and arranged beautifully for use and then change them from time to time in colors and patterns suitable for the season and weather , and the use of bright towels in a white bathroom, for example, works as an elegant accessory.

Stylish Carpet

One of the most helpful means for bathroom elegance is the walkers and carpet for the bathroom. You can use the season colors from the palette or use a stylish modern design that matches the rest of the bathroom elements.

Shower Curtains

Do you remember the last time you refreshed the bath curtain? Do you remember how happy you were today? This is the effect of changing bathroom curtains and bathtubs.. Cast random or old colored curtains, and choose curtains that suit the season’s atmosphere in colors that match the rest of the accessories and towels..

The Mirror

The bathroom mirror is the favorite place for men and women to arrange their elegance, it must be beautiful and tidy and express moments of luxury, do not claim the mirror shelf or the surrounding space filled with chaos, but make it part of the bathroom design and fit with the accessories that you have chosen.

Bathroom Accessories

Try applying bath salts, massage essential oils, effervescent shower tablets, natural soaps and other care and pampering products , inside the bathroom containers in an elegant design , as it will give you a touch of relaxation.

Arrange Cabinets

The bathroom contains a cabinet used to put things that are used on a daily basis, such as: personal care tools, toothpaste, or eye drops, etc., and another cabinet can be added under the sink, to store things; such as: toilet paper, cleaning containers, sponges, and others, However, it should be noted that the water pipes are undamaged if they are located inside the cabinet, as any drop of water will damage the toilet paper.

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Arranging Towels

 There are a number of ways that towels can be organized in the bathroom, including the following:

  • Place the towels close at hand, as they can be hung on the wall-hung rings
  • Place a shelf next to the bathroom or over the bathtub, and arrange towels on it, so that anyone can use it easily.
  • Use clean, attractive color towels that appeal to guests.
  • Hanging towels on the back of the bathroom door so they don’t take up too much space, are hidden and out of sight
  • Use a double grip stand, on which towels can be placed, as it takes up little space in the bathroom.
  • Place the towels in a decorated basket, so that the towels are arranged and out of sight at the same time.

Other tips for arranging a bathroom

There are several tips for arranging a bathroom, as follows:

  • Choosing the newly manufactured stair shelves that come above the toilet, in order to take advantage of the empty space.
  • Use corner shelves, which can be used to place candles, plants, or toilet paper.
  • Use a plastic wall cabinet, which is used for storing things.
  • Use the beautiful glass containers used to place the cotton.
  • Use special containers in which to mix shampoo and conditioner, rather than having many of them that influence the arrangement and organization of the bathroom
  • Putting a wall decor in the bathroom, in different beautiful colors, and using it to store the tools in the bathroom.