5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Ranking as You’d Expect

You check your rankings every day, and still, you see no change. While it can be very frustrating when your website isn’t performing as well as you

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You check your rankings every day, and still, you see no change. While it can be very frustrating when your website isn’t performing as well as you might expect in the rankings, there are plenty of things you can do.

A few small tweaks could give your website a big boost, pushing you up the rankings and bringing in more organic traffic.

Not Targeting the Right Keywords

Keywords still play an important part in helping us focus our SEO efforts.

Quite simply, keywords should sum up the way your target audience is searching for information. If you don’t understand the questions your target audience is asking or how those people search for information, then you’re going to struggle to rank for the right keywords.

Find the keywords your audience use to search for information, and build your content around them.

User Experience

The search engines want to send people to the page that best answers people’s questions. However, if your page has lots of user experience errors, people are just going to head straight back to Google, and this can really hurt your website.

The experience your page offers is becoming more and more important in the search engine’s algorithms, so you’ve got to make sure your pages are free of basic UX errors. If this isn’t the case, then you may find it’s holding back your rankings.

Quality of Content

There’s really no way of fooling the search engines. They’re very good at their job, and that job is providing people with high-quality content to answer their queries. If you’re not creating that high-quality content, you will find it very difficult to rank.

Investing in high-quality content is quite simple; if you want to rank number one, then create something that’s better than all the other results. Commit to offering your users value, and Google and the other search engines will reward you.

You Might Be in a Competitive Market

Different markets have different levels of competition on the search engines.

If you happen to be in a high competition market, then you’ve got to be patient. You’re going to have to build your profile and be consistent with your efforts to get big results. However, in the meantime, you can look to longtail keywords to build your organic traffic.

Working with the right marketing agency such as Click Intelligence, you can create a plan that’s going to boost your rankings both in the short-term and the long-run.

Build Your Link Profile

Backlinks – the links pointing from other websites back to yours are still a vital signal for the search engines. Every link you can build to a high-quality website in your niche will give your website greater ranking potential, so it should be an important part of your SEO.

Make sure you’re building contacts within your industry and reaching out to people to build links. This can give your website greater authority in Google’s eyes and shoot you up with results pages.