How to Delegate Effectively

Delegation can be an excellent way of preventing yourself from becoming overwhelmed and burned out, and if you do it right it can also be an opportun

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Delegation can be an excellent way of preventing yourself from becoming overwhelmed and burned out, and if you do it right it can also be an opportunity to improve your productivity and move your business in the direction that you want it to go!

Choosing which tasks to delegate can be a wonderful opportunity to shape your working life, and turn your day from a drudge into an inspiration-filled joy.

Tasks That You Find Boring

Boring tasks can really sap your morale and drain your productivity, but unfortunately every business will have at least one humdrum activity that needs to be done!

You can make boring tasks less painful by doing things like:

  • Scheduling them for your ‘slump’ times of day, so that you use your energy predominantly on the tasks you care about. This does take willpower though!
  • Breaking them up into smaller tasks so that you don’t have to spend hours doing something that you hate.
  • Give yourself a bonus for completing them.
  • Turn them into a competition – for example, last hour I completed 50 lines of this spreadsheet, let’s see if I can beat this in the next hour.

However, there is a lot to be said for delegating the boring tasks. This way, rather than working through your ‘slump’ times, you can use them for a little self care like reading a book, taking a walk or doing some stretching. Giving yourself ample time to rest will make you more productive.

Administration and Organization

Some of us just aren’t that organized! This can present an issue when you are running a business, because clients will not forgive things like missed appointments and deadlines.

If you are a person who struggles to stay organized, it can be beneficial to engage someone to take on the task of organizing your working life for you. This way, you stay on track without having to expend additional energy.

Tasks Outside Your Area of Expertise

If you find that you need to do something that you don’t know anything about, and also don’t have any interest in learning, then delegation is a great way to deliver what you need to.

A great example of this is SEO. Every business needs to both know about SEO for their own web presence, and be able to offer it to their clients. However, Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and it’s a complicated skill to learn.

By delegating to someone with SEO skills, you both guarantee a better result and save your own time to spend on something that is more important to you. If you are interested in SEO delegation, check out clickintelligence.co.uk.

Short-Term Delegation to Learn a New Skill

Any entrepreneur will tell you that their day is absolutely jam packed, so what do you do when you want to learn something new that will benefit your business? You delegate, of course! If it’s a task you enjoy, you don’t need to delegate forever, you can just delegate for a set amount of time while you attend a course that you are interested in or study independently.

By delegating you will remove a huge amount of stress, and free your mind to take on new information.