All you need to know about an new app from Facebook “CatchUp”

Facebook's R&D department launched a new application called "CatchUp". CatchUp for voice calls only, and includes some serious features such as:

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Facebook’s R&D department launched a new application called “CatchUp”. CatchUp for voice calls only, and includes some serious features such as: it does not need a Facebook account to use it, and it only appeared for available users, so you can start individual or group chat with one click.

Here’s all you need to know about an new app CatchUp from Facebook:

What is an application CatchUp And what are its advantages?

At first glance you will find that the application is similar to other chat applications provided by Facebook, such as: Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and also other applications such as: (House Party), but it differs from these apps because it does not have the feature of text chat and video calls.

It can be used only to make voice calls with the contacts saved in your phone and available in real time individually, with the ability to create voice conference calls with up to 8 people, and the use of the application does not require access to your Facebook account which is an additional feature that some may users may welcome .

As for the reason behind the launch of the application, Facebook made it clear that people are no longer making phone calls frequently; because they don’t know if the other party is ready to talk or not. With the increasing use of video calls, voice phone calls are still relevant for users who are not always ready to appear in a video call.

How can you use the app?

  • Download the application to your phone, which is available free of charge to iPhone users in the App Store, and to users of Android devices in Google Play.
  • Create a new profile using the phone number.
  • Click the toggle in the top left of the screen to set your number as available, where other users will see you included and (ready to speak) Ready to Talk, And they can call you or add you to a group.
  • To make a voice call to an available person, click the (Join) option.Join next to the user name.
  • If you want to include other people in a conference call, go to the contact list and click (Add) next to the name.
  • You can also click on the (Privacy) to adjust group settings and open a conversation for anyone to join or keep private.
  • Besides the ability to create an audio or conference call, you can also send an alert (Poke) for offline users to let them know you’re online and ready to talk.
  • In your section (Contacts), you will find (offline) which includes a list of people who did not download the CatchUp app, You can click on the (invite) option along with their names to invite to install the app.