Electric Cars: The Benefits of Owning One

Classic car enthusiasts are turning to modern automotive technology to guarantee their gems from the past have a place in the future. Governments are

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Classic car enthusiasts are turning to modern automotive technology to guarantee their gems from the past have a place in the future. Governments are pushing to lower the emissions from the transport on the roads, causing a significant increase in owners choosing to convert their classics from petrol engines to electric motors.

They are more efficient

The latest electric cars look just as attractive as conventional ones and go just as far. Look at the stunning electric sports cars produced by Tesla and all your preconceptions will fall away in an instant. If you think electric cars are perpetual prototypes, Toyota’s phenomenally successful Prius hybrid proves otherwise: well over a million of the cars have now been sold in 40 different countries.

If you’re of a “light-green” environmental mind, electric cars might seem like a good choice; they appear to cut your air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions, which has to be a good thing, right?

It’s important to realize that there are some environmental drawbacks too. You need to consider where the electricity that powers your car might be coming from.

Still, even if it’s produced in an old-fashioned, the planet will still likely see some benefit from your switch away from internal combustion.

Electric cars are inherently more efficient than gas-powered ones. That is especially true if you switch away from a particularly heavy and inefficient gas car or if you live somewhere like Canada or France, where most of the electricity comes from hydroelectric dams or nuclear power plants.

Benefits of converting classic to electric

  • Better acceleration

You could argue that going electric means better acceleration. Electric motors deliver maximum torque from the beginning of the power delivery, unlike petrol or diesel cars, which must hit a power band (and then a gear change). Gearless electric motors don’t have to do this. As a rule, an electric conversion can help you to make your classic faster.

  • Cost-saving on fuel

Another benefit is a cost-saving on fuel. After you’ve paid for the electric conversion and maybe sold the engine (should you wish), you will save cash every day by running on electricity over petrol or diesel fuel. If you are a heavy user of your classic, you could see your fuel bill slashed by a larger percentage than if you are not, the electric Porsche 911 is an amazing car that adopted these measurements very successfully.

  • Less to go wrong

There is less to go wrong. If you have a well-maintained car that you have converted to electric you may well experience fewer hiccups because there are fewer moving parts with an electric drivetrain.

  • The environment

Lastly, there is the environment. With global temperatures reaching alarming levels, you might feel it is high time that you joined the party and did your little bit to help our planet. That might mean going electric.

Have More Fun with Higher Performance

Simply stated, electric classic cars are fun to drive–with quick acceleration and enviable performance. Unlike gas-powered cars, electric motors produce peak torque from a standstill, without the buildup gasoline engines require to reach maximum power.

Electric cars also have great handling. With the battery pack positioned in the center of most electric cars, it lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity, providing superior weight distribution and stability, and improved cornering that minimizes rollover risk.