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The impact of quartz and custom countertops in your kitchen décor

Hugely popular, high-durability and low maintenance, quartz countertops are a viable and alluring alternative to stone materials. Shiny and sleek, qu

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Hugely popular, high-durability and low maintenance, quartz countertops are a viable and alluring alternative to stone materials. Shiny and sleek, quartz mimics natural stone.

As a surface, it’s a ready alternative different type of countertops.

  • You construct them from the hardest substance on earth. Quartz provides various color choices.
  • You engineer it in a factory you obtain from ground quartz. That’s what separates it from natural stone.
  • Fusing 90% quartz, you use other binding agents such as pigments and polyester resins.
  • These counters resist both stain and scratch. They have a shelf-life of many years and are non-porous.
  • By combining stone qualities, it can bring out the sheen of your kitchen laminations.
  • You don’t need to seal quartz regularly like you have to do with granite countertops.
  • It also doesn’t attract bacteria, mildew and mold, which is why it’s every homeowner’s favorite countertop material.
  • The ones you get from branded firms have a better finish and quality. Its resins make it design-friendly and more flexible.
  • With the opulence of colors, you can find quartz in fire red, engine red, or electric blue.
  • You can also make quartz look like marble with sparkles and veins.
  • The negative side is that quartz counters are pretty. They can crack easily and then lose its appeal.
  • They are pricey like granite tops.
  • Quartz countertops cannot absorb much heat beyond a certain point. The surface will crack when you high-heat items/utensils.
  • You cannot use quartz countertops outdoors as they aren’t weather-resistant. With too much solar heat, its color fades away, leading the material to warp.
  • They don’t have protection like picnic table covers to tackle the outdoor weather.

Home décor trends with quartz

For a change, you can try honed quartz slabs. They can give a different effect to your countertops, allowing them to showcase a matte elegance. You’ll find that honed finishes are a superb choice for customers preferring a softer and smoother appearance.

  • You can give darker quartz scheme a chance. Lighter quartz countertops are generally more in vogue, but the darker shades can complement your renovation projects.
  • The dark gray countertops are trend-setters. They add a different and distinct aura to your bathroom or kitchen countertops.
  • It produces a dramatic effect and you can easily combine them with an all-neutral or elegant white bathroom or kitchen.
  • If comfort is an issue, try earthy colors. If you want a more classical vibe and are not game for any dramatic impact of a white and gray combination, earthy color quartz countertops can provide immense appeal.
  • It adds a cozy feel and warmth to your space.
  • You can use warmer amalgamations of quartz slabs to render an elegant character to your home décor.

Considerations and design options

Although quartz countertops can be the most immaculate home addition, you need to remember that they may be costlier than other countertops. UV light may discolor or damage them and the seams may be visible.

You have a wide assortment of tones that range from light hues to warm and airy. The veining patterns are extremely vibrant. Since beauty lies in the edges, you can have them in the decorative edges of quartz countertops to complete your kitchen’s appearance.