All you need to know about Lunar New Year’s Day

of zodiac signs Chinese New Year Lunar New Year or Chinese Spring Festival is the most important traditional Chinese holiday&n

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of zodiac signs

Chinese New Year Lunar New Year or Chinese Spring Festival is the most important traditional Chinese holiday .

 It is commonly called “Lunar New Year”, because it depends on the Chinese calendar Lunar solar. The celebration traditionally begins on the first day of the first month(In Chinese: 正月; Zhengyin: zhēng yuè)  In the Chinese calendar it ends on the fifteenth; this day is called the Feast of the Lanterns. 

Chinese New Year’s Eve known as chú xī . And literally means “the night of the year”.

Chinese New Year is the longest and most important celebration of the Chinese lunar calendar. 

The origin of Chinese New Year began centuries ago and gained importance due to several myths and traditions. The Chinese New Year is an occasion to reflect on how one behaved in the past year and what their beliefs were throughout that year.

Every day starts on February 5 of every year, the Chinese New Year’s Day, which this year represents the pig tower in the Chinese traditional calendar, while the Chinese are accustomed to calling this celebration “Chunyun” which literally means “big migration in the spring”, and is the largest immigration movement or A seasonal transfer from one place to another on the planet, as it lasts about 40 days (from January 21 to March 1) during which the number of trips via highways, railways, airports and other means of travel reaches about three billion trips in total.

The large migration movement during this period is due to the fact that during the past four decades, many Chinese left their towns to seek work or education in places far from their homes, so the vast majority of them return to their original homes in order to reunite the family during the Spring Festival, which usually What parents take advantage of as an opportunity to marry their children out of the Chinese reverence for family life, where they arrange acquaintance meetings to help and urge children of marriage age to find a life partner and build a new family, especially since many young Chinese who moved to the city and lived in it do not want to marry pain Cr.

The Chinese years are named after animals, because the Chinese zodiac is divided into 12 constellations representing 12 animals, and constitutes a cycle of 12 years, while this division is due to a legendary story that talks about the call of the Heavenly Emperor the animals to bid him farewell, but only 12 animals are all real animals except One mythical animal, the dragon.

The Chinese zodiac includes mouse animals, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig, respectively in a 12-year cycle..

 As for the origin of the Spring Festival celebrations, the date of the start of the celebrations goes back thousands of years ago, where one of the many legends around it says that in ancient China there was a monster with two horns called “nian” (the word nyan means a year in Chinese), and the frightening “nyan” Terribly he lives on the sea floor all year long and does not go ashore except on the eve of the new year, eating cattle and killing people.

Because of that, people in all villages were fleeing on the eve of the new year, taking their young and old people to distant mountains to avoid the expected tragedy when “Nyan” came out, but one day, while the people of a village called “Peach Flowers” were preparing to hide, a beggar came outside from the village An old man holds a stick in his hand with an arm in his arm, and his eyes were shining like stars and his beard was silver in color.