Black Magic: It is Just a Type of Detracting Minds of People & Fake Imagination

What is the Black Magic This magic is only a type of magic that brought no any benifits but harms, and this name (Black Magic) has been chosen for

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What is the Black Magic

This magic is only a type of magic that brought no any benifits but harms, and this name (Black Magic) has been chosen for it because it bringing harm to the enchanted, whether the damage is in the heart of the enchanted or his/her body.

It is not used for the benefit of increasing income, bringing the beloved, maintaining virginity before marriage or other the goals of traditional magic, and it was said that it is from the magic of the Pharaohs and that its name is attributed to the book of black magic that was found in a pharaonic cemetery as some magicians claim, and they in turn divided the magic into black and white, and called magic that brings benefit to white magic unlike black.

In the nature of magic in general, magic has foundations, methods of preparation, legal provisions, and other aspects related to it. Symptoms of black magic may differ somewhat from other types of magic.

The power of the Black Magic lies from the frequent use of demons from inside the body and charged with hurting the owner of magic, the number of demons with the magician outside the body and contact with the cursed magician. .

Symptoms of Black Magic

As mentioned, black magic is concerned with bringing harm to the enchanted only without any benefit to any party, whether the enchanted or enchanted, and often the symptoms of magic in general are in doubt, as it may come from obsessive no more, but the symptoms of black magic are relatively stronger the enchantment has been in continuous existence, and some specialists have divided the symptoms of black magic into three sections:

General symptoms: They may appear as general psychological symptoms such as chronic stress without clear reasons, as well as a deterioration of the psychological status, which may lead the case to the person bewitched to the desire to commit suicide, infection with some diseases that are difficult to diagnose medically, seeing nightmares frequently and that may contain predators in sometimes.

Imaginary symptoms: If the enchanted person hears some sounds whispering to him or ordering harmful actions such as adultery, killing, or suicide, and he may feel that someone is standing beside him during his sleep, or seeing shadows around him.

Symptoms of demonic touch: Although there is no consensus in this type of symptom, it is agreed upon its presence, such as an increase in the brightness of the eye and an increase in the rate of drinking water, as well as an increase in the rate of yawning, lack of acceptance of aromatic scents and the interpretation of the mind as foul odors, and may be accompanied by a bad unpleasant breath when enchanted, and also the skin dry quickly sometimes.

The effects of magic and its evil

The magic of separating by separating a woman from her husband and separating the husband from his wife

And that is through the use of demons, so that a strong man cannot make love to his wife, and makes a woman refrain from her husband and refuses to be close to him, and this magic is one of the most dangerous types which resulting to the corruption of families, and the failure of marital life .

The magic of madness

Its symptoms include straying, amazement, forgetfulness, dementia, all of this is combined by the inability to control himself and his behavior, and the reason for this is the devil’s association with the affection on his brain, and it is not hidden that not all madness is due to Satan’s association with victim and his control over his brain, but there are other types whose causes are organic, and is due to diagnosis of each case to the specialists .

The magic of irritation

 This magic is among the most obscene of all, as it combines magic with an outrageous request, whereby the magician seeks to irritate the heart of a male or female party for the sexual behavior of the other party,

Black Magic Destroy Lives

Black magic is done for giving harm to others. Black magic destroys the life of people. They do not think that in case of revenge and hatred they destroy whole lives of people. They cross there all limits black magic and witchcraft. Black magic first destroys health then wealth then everything. The greediness of status, wealth, the revenge, jealousy and selfishness because of this people go to black magician and gave money and become so selfish and say them to take their health, wealth and harm them and destroy their life by black magic. And it is effects and it demolish the whole house.

There is so many reputable firm specialized in remove black magic and treat all the symptoms from it’s root

Black Magic Can Never Be For Well Being

Black magician asserts that they have the solution to everything. They can solve any problem with in two days even some black magicians say that they can solve the problems within one hour. But black magic can never be form right thing this is wrong that with black magic we can solve all problems and it will be for welfare of the people. Most frequent problem is not the birth of a baby boy. People forget that after effect of this black magic would be horrible. Black magician say that they can save you from everything by black magic, but it is not possible, we should also think over consequence of this before going to such type of people. They should have strong believe on God and on their faith. Lack of education and lack of awareness and the detracted from their religious teaching and their faith become the victim of these absurdities. spirit healer is the best solution in such cases to let the right things happen to you instead of fake imagination of black magic.


The black magician use different methods to influence people including face reading and psychology. These fake magicians are polluting the whole societies and making people fool. Mostly these magicians use religion in their favor or use other strategy. Basically, it is all because of the lack of education and the because of poverty. the societies filled with these evil and devilish practices on vast scale, which is obvious from the fact that many signboards of these black magicians and witchcraft handler have reappeared.