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How Technology Can Change Your Business for the Better

Although technology has its own risks such as issues with cybersecurity, the positives often outweigh the negatives. If you are uncertain about wheth [...]

How to measure ROI after automation testing?

Since the world started using software and mobile applications, the need of having them tested has been there. In the beginning, these applications w [...]

Software Testing of Augmented Reality Apps

How Augmented Reality is Changing the Testing Dynamics? Today, many organizations are working tirelessly to gain footing in the world of augmented [...]

8 Prominent Reasons for the failure of Mobile Applications

Entrepreneurs today rely heavily on their digital assets, when it comes to the productivity and goodwill of their business. Mobile applications are c [...]
SnapTube: Why you need the latest version of this video-saving app

SnapTube: Why you need the latest version of this video-saving app

Remember SnapTube? This popular app certainly seemed to be an easy way to download and save videos from YouTube and Facebook. However, make sure you [...]

40 million users are a victim of fraud .. Delete this app immediately from your device

Users of Android phones and tablets are put on high alert because of a very popular app that can quietly drain their bank accounts. Owners of Andr [...]

Do not download it .. How can this beautiful image destroy Android phones?

Photographer Gaurav Agrawal was surprised when he learned from the news that his amazing photo of Saint Mary Lake that he took last summer at the Nat [...]

Bug management: Fighting the Never-Ending War on Bugs in Software Development

As the magnitude of the software development projects grow, so does the number of test cycles, and the count of people involved in the project. Thus, [...]

Electric Cars: The Benefits of Owning One

Classic car enthusiasts are turning to modern automotive technology to guarantee their gems from the past have a place in the future. Governments are [...]

Mobile App Security Trends to Watch in 2020

The technological industry is a rapidly evolving industry. You can never predict the lifetime of a trend as new trends, tools, and technologies keep [...]
1 220 / 20 POSTS