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Mobile App Security Trends to Watch in 2020

The technological industry is a rapidly evolving industry. You can never predict the lifetime of a trend as new trends, tools, and technologies keep

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The technological industry is a rapidly evolving industry. You can never predict the lifetime of a trend as new trends, tools, and technologies keep emerging on the scene every day. When it comes to the field of mobile application development, every mobile app development house and mobile application testing company has to put in a lot of effort to stay updated with the new trends as the demands of the customers keep changing. While mobile app development companies try their best to meet the needs of the users, mobile application testing companies have to make sure every application is secure for the users.

What Trends Would You Follow in 2020?

A lot of changes development and testing companies have to adopt is mainly due to the ongoing trends. As a mobile application testing company, what trends would you be following this year? Are you already aware of those trends or are you still following the old trends? Here are the trends you must follow in 2020 to make your every mobile application testing project a hit:

Adaptive Mobile Application Security

It has become crucial for all mobile apps to be fully secured. The new trend of adaptive security for application means of the mobile threats will be dealt with an integrated approach. This strategy comes with good risk management and keeps information security as a constantly ongoing process. Moreover, it is good at predicting new threats and suggesting solutions for them. You can even receive alerts as well.

Protection of User’s Sensitive Data

With the increase of the awareness of the importance of personal data, a lot of laws have been made to protect to force companies to invest in security. Due to business digitalization, a lot of businesses belonging to corporate, financial, and others have shifted to an online realm. Every mobile app testing house must make sure proper masking and encrypting algorithms are used in the applications to secure personal data of the users.

Safe from All Phishing Attempts

Phishing is one of the most successful cyberattacks and costs a lot of dollars around the globe every year. These attacks can easily reveal your user’s confidential information like logins and passwords, credit card numbers, etc. Mobile application testing companies must ensure that every application they receive for testing purposes is good enough to keep the users secure from phishing attacks.

You Must Plan Something for Malware

Mobile malware is yet another easy way for cybercriminals to hurt your customer base. It is expected that cybercriminals will start using remote access to send malware in your application that will affect every single user. Around 13% of the applications face malware attacks and not every one of them survives it. The only way to ensure your application does not come face to face with it is by asking a mobile application testing company to test the security protocols of your application. In case you find any vulnerabilities, get them fixed as soon as possible to decrease the chances of attacks.