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VoIP Industry Statistics 2020

VoIP Industry Statistics 2020

VoIP phone services and solutions are the business industry’s new and improved way to communicate with clients, partners, and one another among your [...]

Role of Test Management System in Software Testing

Test management is the process through which all test cases are managed. Different tools are used in this process to manage manual as well as aut [...]

Why is WordPress the Right Choice To Build Websites for any Startup Company?

In the present era, everyone is aware of the internet and majority of them have access to internet services. It has become such an integral part of p [...]

Top Stories of on demand application across the World

The market is abuzz with on demand service based mobile apps. Smart and enterprising entrepreneurs all over the world are relying on one form of on d [...]

“The roof of the world” has reached the point of no return … this is the end of the century story

A recent scientific study conducted by the University of Ohio, USA, stated that the melting of the ice cover in Greenland has reached a point of no r [...]

How to Increase Customer Service Teams Productivity Remotely

The trend for employing remote groups that fill the business job of client service is positively on the ascent. It is because a remote client assista [...]

How Agile Test Management Helps in Saving Cost & Reduction in Testing Time?

Agile has gained massive popularity in the software development industry over the past ten years. It is expected that future apps will test more and [...]

What if … the sound is traveling in space?

Sound is vibrations in the form of mechanical waves, which travel through a physical medium such as air, water, or solid objects. For example, if we [...]

Five Ways a Business Can Benefit from the Use of Text Messages

Although text messages are not as commonly used anymore, they are gaining popularity again. Emails and social media are doing their jobs to keep ever [...]

The Future of Fuel Technology – What Will Power Next-Generation Cars?

Future of Fuel Technology Technology has mixed into our lives in such a way that we can't imagine a life without it. The impact becomes even magic [...]
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