Why is WordPress the Right Choice To Build Websites for any Startup Company?

In the present era, everyone is aware of the internet and majority of them have access to internet services. It has become such an integral part of p

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In the present era, everyone is aware of the internet and majority of them have access to internet services. It has become such an integral part of people’s lives and almost taken for granted. In case you own a company or planning a start-up, you should consider giving it an online presence by having a website for it. Creating and owning your own website may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you do not know programming.However, WordPress development company has introduced wordpress for business which can help you create your own website. Follow this article to understand why using wordpress for business is beneficial.

Why use wordpress for website

You may be wondering if wordpress is good for professional websites or if your requirements are going to be met using WordPress. You need not worry about this because websites built with wordpress are professional grade and the possibilities are endless. Here are some reasons why this should be the right service for developing your website.

1.     Develop by yourself-Normally one needs to hire a developer to build a website for their company. This is not the case with WordPress. This application-based development does not require you to have any special degree in computers. The instructions are straightforward and all the tools are provided to you. If you come across any person who uses wordpress, he will tell you exactly how simple it is to develop a website with it.

2.     Almost free of costs-Imagine this. You can own a website and that too at free of cost! You may be wondering “is wordpress good if it is free?” Fact is WordPress is licensed under GNU General Public License. This is why there is no upfront cost associated with WordPress. You will find thousands of themes and plugins that are free. The updates that you are going to receive will also be free. However, bear in mind there are some paid plugins and themes that are optional but might interest you. Also, there are other things associated with a website that will cost you some money. Other than that,wordpress business websites are as good as free.

3.     Features and plugins-WordPress contains a plethora of tools and plugins that you can use. Most of these items are free of cost yet perfectly caters to the needs of small scales businesses and start-ups. This is one reason why wordpress for small business is so popular. If you use all the tools available at your disposal, you can completely customise your website both in terms of looks and functionality. You can keep bringing little changes and modifications until you are satisfied with the website you created.

4.     Optimised for search engines-People rarely type down the complete URL and visit a website. They search for what they are looking for using the various online search engines. The idea here is to keep your website in the top ranks of the search results so that more people see and visit your website. To make sure you reach such ranks, your website must be search engine optimised. This means you need to pay extra and take help of SEO service. However, you can save this expense with WordPress. The wordpress platform for websites already includes a built in SEO service. Thus, the websites that you build using it will already be search engine optimised.

5.     Regular updates-WordPress regularly pushes new updates. These updates greatly improve the user experience of WordPress. The things introduced in the updates are mostly free, yet capable. Moreover, you can apply all the updates and changes all by yourself. It hardly takes some time to make the changes you want. The updates are reliable and stable so there is no risk of losing vital data. You can even choose to take a backup of your website and make the changes in a clone website. Why choose wordpress if it is not going to make your life easy?

6.     Safety and reliability-The online world is vast and somewhat unsafe. As everyone can have access to the internet, many miscreants and hackers take advantage of this. These people can hack or breach websites, stealing vital data or locking them for a ransom. WordPress for business websites is very secure. It incorporates security measures that can prevent hackers from getting access to your website. Millions of users thus rely on WordPress for professional and semi-professional uses. Follow the basic safety protocols like not sharing passwords, keeping strong passwords and you will have nothing to worry about.

7.     External links and connections-It is important that you expand the connectivity to your website so that more and more people can visit it. This can be very effectively done with WordPress. You can keep external links that can take people to and from your website. You can even link your website to social media pages using appropriate plugins. Nowadays almost every person who has access to the internet has a social media account. This means you are exposing your website to all those people. They can even share your website and further increase traffic.

8.     Wide device compatibility-Computers are not the only device that is used today for computing. Devices such as smartphones and tablets are very much capable of doing certain tasks that once could only be done using a computer.Wordpress development company took advantage of the processing power of these devices to bring their services to these devices. As a result, it is compatible with almost all mobile phones and tablets irrespective of the platform they are running on. This means you can build your website right from your phone and enjoy the same functionality as you would if you used a computer.


It is quite easy to create a business website with wordpress. The features it offers compared to the negligible expenses of this service is why using wordpress is a good decision.WordPress development company has created an opportunity where anyone, with or without programming knowledge, can own and maintain a website. To avail services, get in touch with us today.