Habits of Emotionally Intelligent Men Who Are Successful in Asian Dating

Being emotionally intelligent… what does it even mean and what does it have to do with Asian dating? Well, while you probably know that having a high

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Being emotionally intelligent… what does it even mean and what does it have to do with Asian dating? Well, while you probably know that having a high IQ is something you’re either born with or can increase by reading countless books and acquiring tons of information, what about EQ (emotional intelligence)?

Being emotionally intelligent is something you can only master over time and from your own mistakes, but we’ve got a shortcut for you. We’ve identified six habits of emotionally intelligent men who attract Chinese brides on Chinese free dating sites and can score any date they want.

Want to be like them? Well, let’s make your EQ impeccable!

You’re positive… no matter what

Sometimes, life can get very tough – it’s just part of the natural ebb and flow. But it’s how you handle those rough times that make you either emotionally intelligent or not so much.

You see, bad things happen to everyone. But being able to stay positive, distancing oneself from the bad stuff, and not being affected by negative things is what sets you apart as an EQ man who can get any Chinese girls for dating.

Instead of draining your energy on things you have no control over, focus on things that you can improve about yourself or your life.

You’re balanced… even in conflicts

Keeping a sharp mind and a cool head is something only a handful of people can do in conflicts or arguments. And that’s what defines a man with a high EQ. In order to do that, it’s important to stay balanced and assertive and use good manners, empathy, and kindness as your “weapons” to fend off your enemies.

Emotionally weak men resort to aggressiveness or simply ignore someone or something that is attempting to lure you into a conflict. Men with high EQ, on the other hand, stay calm and positive to battle toxic people, and this is something that many Chinese single ladies will find hot and irresistible!

You’re curious about others

In order to be emotionally intelligent, it’s vital to be curious about everyone around you. This includes not only the pretty Chinese woman sharing the bed with you, but also your family, friends, and pretty much all other people you encounter in your daily life. Understanding other people allows you to not only learn from their mistakes but also learn what it means to be a human. This is some high EQ stuff right there!

You don’t compare yourself to others

By comparing yourself to other people, you’re basically limiting your own joy. You see, everyone is unique, and if something makes you happy, don’t let other people limit your joy by telling you what to do, or just because they have a different taste or a different opinion.

If you’re looking to date a single Asian female, do know that she’ll probably want to date a guy who doesn’t have to constantly compare himself to others to feel good about himself.

You know what’s fun

Knowing what makes you happy is one of the habits of emotionally intelligent men. If you truly want to date in the Chinese dating scene, you may want to make sure that you attract the ladies by knowing what things excite you the most in life. If you know how to have fun in your life, you will never be bored, as you can turn even the most boring task into an enjoyable experience.

You can take a joke

A man with a high EQ knows exactly who he is and what he is worth. So if he goes on a Chinese lady date, and she makes a joke about something that would offend the vast majority of guys, he will be capable of taking this joke, as he’s self-confident and never takes non-serious things seriously.