Have You Thought About Automating Your Mobile App Testing?

You must have clearly observed how the world of mobile application testing is changing rapidly. The mobile application development companies are forc

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You must have clearly observed how the world of mobile application testing is changing rapidly. The mobile application development companies are forcing testing companies to shift from manual testing to automation testing once and for all. However, what they do not realize is that shifting to automation testing is easier said than done. While a lot of mobile application testing companies have already started using automation testing, some are still struggling to adopt it completely. If you are yet another mobile application testing company trying to move towards automation testing, there are a lot of things you need to consider and the steps you need to follow. We have compiled a list for you to help you on your journey.

Why Choose Automation Testing?

The first thing that will come to your mind while choosing to shift on automation testing would be the need for it. Why should you even leave years of knowledge and experience of manual testing for a new struggle of gaining experience and getting to know automation testing? Is it just to follow the trend or does it have some amazing benefits to offer as well?

Do not fret for we have got you covered with the right answers to all of your questions. Unlike most of the computer applications, mobile applications are agile in nature and need to be tested in a different way. Manual testing is never an agile process so, with the adoption of automation testing, great results and tremendous growth has been observed. Moreover, it increases compatibility between users, market trends, and the application to provide better outcomes. It has been adding significant value to mobile applications and has become one of the key changes accepted by almost every mobile application testing company all over the globe.

Are You Ready to Accept Automation Testing?

Now that you are aware of the amazing benefits automation testing for mobile applications has to offer over manual testing, do you think you are ready to accept it? If you are already thinking about welcoming it to your company, it is the right time for you to do some research about leaving manual testing once and for all. In case you think it is time-consuming, we have gathered a few steps for you to have some idea about the whole process.

Know the Basics

The first step is the same as it is for any other sort of automation testing. You need to understand the mobile application at hand to its core. Know about the operating system it is designed for, the needs it has to meet for the users, and the features it has. Moreover, try to know about the target market as well if possible as it will help in the steps to come.

Deciding Testing Sequence

You must have already observed how automation testing is easier than manual testing. Where you have to do more effort in getting to know the application in manual testing, you can jump on to deciding the testing sequence in the second step of automation testing. With the list of features in your hands, you need to prioritize the features and design test sequences for them. This will ensure you spend the most time and effort in testing the right and the most important features rather than additional features.

Select Your Tools

Automation testing has become so trendy that there are already hundreds of automation testing tools available in the market for you. You already have the plan ready so you need to pick and choose the right tools for your testing activity. When choosing the tools, think about the platform of your application, the technology used, integrations it supports, and most importantly, the skills and experience of your testing team. Spend some extra time on this step as anything gone wrong here would directly impact the end results of your testing project.

Set Up the Infrastructure

Almost every second mobile application testing company moving to automation testing thinks the work is done by the time they reach this step. Unfortunately, reality offers something else. This step is far from the final step as it requires you to do some more effort. You have to make test cases for the application to test every feature it has to offer. However, ensure that your test cases are designed on the basis of a logical and realistic sequence of user actions with predefined expected outcomes. Moreover, you must be ready to repeat the test cases multiple times to have the best results. In the end, spend some time creating a good report for the development team.

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