Reasons of Betrayal, Confessions

Why one party betrays the other one in relationship ? Perhaps it is a question that millions of people want to know the answer to, so it came th

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Why one party betrays the other one in relationship ? Perhaps it is a question that millions of people want to know the answer to, so it came the importance of the survey, conducted by scientists from the United States of America, to determine the causes of betrayal from the mouths of the traitors themselves.

Betrayal in Relationships

betrayal in relationships

Betrayal in marital and love relationships in general causes various psychological wounds to the victim party in the relationship, which apparently prompted the experts from the University of Maryland, USA, to hold a detailed study to explain the causes of repeated Betrayal.

The significance of that particular American study, which polled about 562 adults, is that it found the reasons for treachery through the words from the people who are already treacherous, to ensure the extent of the credibility of the matter.

Dylan Selterman, the study’s lead researcher and associate professor at the University of Maryland, sees the benefits of identifying the reasons for someone’s betrayal of the marriage and love relationship.

He added: “Knowing the causes of betrayal brought benefits to the two sides of the relationship immediately, as they realize what to do next, in order not to repeat this disaster.”.

Reasons of Betrayal

Reasons of Betrayal

The researchers found, through the study, the reasons for fundamental betrayal, where they found that the anger of one side of the relationship from the other side, is likely to push him into betrayal intentionally, while the lack of a sense of sexual happiness can push him to the same thing sometimes.

The researchers also clarified that the lack of mutual feelings of love , and perhaps a feeling of neglect, would lead to the same painful result of betrayal, bearing in mind that the occurrence of one of the two sides of the relationship in the trap of betrayal may sometimes happen for purely psychological reasons, such as having a satisfactory desire to feel that he or she is still desirable of the opposite sex, far from the end of the ongoing relationship.

Selterman says: “We always hear about betrayal as a symptom and not a cause of failed relationships. It seems that it is not that simple, as there are multiple reasons that lead to betrayal, what requires studying it to treat the situation”

In the end, experts say that although treason is considered one of the worst confused acts in marital relationships , it is not the end of that relationship, also indicating that some seemingly complete relationships may be disastrous for betrayal.