How to Select a Suitable Artificial Lawn for Your Business

Should you take the time to carry out an online search, you will quickly find out that there's a vast array of synthetic grass that you can choose fr

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Should you take the time to carry out an online search, you will quickly find out that there’s a vast array of synthetic grass that you can choose from to suit your business.

With so many options available, settling for a suitable type of artificial turf for your business can be a frustrating and daunting task. This is so because you have to consider the purpose and characteristics of the synthetic grass before making an active decision to buy one.

You may be a business owner and wondering to yourself, “What type of synthetic grass is suitable for my business, and what traits should I look for when making a comparison of different breeds of artificial turfs?”

You should ensure that the type of synthetic grass purchased is one that will guarantee you are saving time and costs when it comes to maintenance, ensuring that you are focusing on the key competencies of your business.

A Guide to Selecting Quality Artificial Grass for Your Business

When you decide to search for synthetic grass, you must go beyond its aesthetic attraction. You should strive to ensure that the type of artificial lawn you select will compliment your business brand.

  1. The Plastic Type the Synthetic Grass Fibers are Made From

If you have carried out proper synthetic grass research, you should know that three varied forms of synthetic grass are used to manufacture artificial turfs. They are polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyamide, commonly referred to as nylon, and they all entail different strengths and weaknesses.

If your business experiences high client traffic to your premises, you should consider investing in artificial grass manufactured from polyethylene.

This is because it’s the most commonly used type of plastic fiber and is considered to be strong.

However, depending on your budget, you can consider purchasing nylon grass synthetic grass from SynLawnSanDiego.com as it’s stronger than polyethylene by 33%.2

2. Is the Artificial Turf Fire-Resistant?

Before making an investment to purchase synthetic grass for your business, it’s key to countercheck with the manufacturer to guarantee that the synthetic grass is fire-resistant.

It is unlikely that your business premises will go down as a result of fire, but in the case that it does, you wouldn’t want your artificial turf to be the reason why the fire spread rapidly through your business premises.

You can ensure that your purchased artificial grass is fire resistant by clarifying whether they possess industry accreditations with your artificial grass manufacturer.

3. Has the Synthetic Grass Been Assessed for Harmful Substances?

If you keep up with the media, then you may have stumbled upon some information stating that some brands of synthetic grass entail detrimental components such as lead.

The last thing you would want is to purchase artificial turf for your business only to find out that it’s causing allergic or health complications to your customers.

Before purchasing synthetic grass, always endeavor to ensure that it has been manufactured as per the industry standards.