In only 10 days, a country overcomes the Coronavirus

Countries usually need long weeks, and possibly months, to reverse the trend in new infections with the Coronavirus, but New Zealand authorities have

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Countries usually need long weeks, and possibly months, to reverse the trend in new infections with the Coronavirus, but New Zealand authorities have achieved amazing success recently, after imposing sanitary isolation and restrictions on movement, for only ten days.

 According to “Washington Post”, the number of recovery cases Of (Covid-19), reached 65, while 54 new infections were detected, which means that those recovering in the country are more likely to be infected with the virus.

The number of people affected by the global Pandemic has decreased New Zealand, for the second day in a row, despite a speedy detection of the coronavirus, an early indication that Corona is declining.

The total number of infections in New Zealand was 1160, but it resulted in only one death, and 241 people recovered.

New Zealand imposed strict closures and stopped various activities such as swimming, beaching and hunting, and people were required to move only in the context of extreme necessity.

The “Washington Post” reported that New Zealand citizens responded greatly to the health guidelines, and made sure to socialize, while the study continued remotely from the homes.

The source added that New Zealand has not achieved the goal of containing the virus, as the United States aspires, but rather removed the danger significantly.

In the wake of this improvement, calls continued in the country to ease restrictions on movement, especially on the four days of Easter holidays, but the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, opposed this idea.

Jacinda asserts that her country will complete four weeks of closure, which is equivalent to two periods of the virus’s incubation period, which is estimated at fourteen days.

Strict procedures

And since New Zealand is one of the tourist destinations that many visits, as it is visited by 4 million tourists a year, the country decided to close its borders with abroad on the nineteenth of last March.

Two days later, the New Zealand Prime Minister sent a letter from her office, announcing a state of emergency and the country’s closure, in an attempt to avoid the horrific scenario seen in Spain and Italy as a result of the delay in taking action.

Jacinda was keen to communicate continuously with its citizens and discussed all the details, from the prices of vegetables to the social aid provided to those affected by the epidemic.

The prime minister was not satisfied with this, and she always answered all questions on social media and appeared on some occasions wearing “pajamas” on her bed.

Meanwhile, the center-right party was careful not to criticize the government during this period so as not to disrupt the war against the virus, and these combined factors seem to have paid off.

But other factors probably helped New Zealand, which is that it is an island in an isolated region, that is, it does not share land borders with other countries, and the population does not exceed 4.7 million people..

Jacinda declared that the government intends to impose compulsory isolation on all those who return to New Zealand after the end of the country’s closure period, to avoid another outbreak due to cases coming from abroad.