Pharmaceutical Cosmetics: How to Become Powerful Skin Lighting Factor

Cosmetics, or makeup, are a variety of materials manufactured and natural prepared in special ways to use them for cosmetic purposes and care for dif

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Cosmetics, or makeup, are a variety of materials manufactured and natural prepared in special ways to use them for cosmetic purposes and care for different parts of the body, enhancing the overall appearance, increasing the attractiveness, or improving the smell, which is many.

Among the most important: perfumes, nail polish, various creams, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, planning pens, hair dyes and hairspray, and the cosmetic industry has become a very popular market, and many international brands are well known in this area that is at high prices and distinguished by its luxurious types.

History of Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Use

The use of cosmetics dates back a long time ago, as the prevailing belief that women used cosmetics in many ancient civilizations, such as the Sumerian civilization, and the civilization of southern Mesopotamia, i.e. five thousand years ago, when women broke the precious stones and used them to decorate their faces especially the mouth and eyes, and the use of cosmetics was not limited to women only, but men also used them. In the Pharaonic civilization, men used perfumed oils to perfume and soften the skin, just as they used kohl.

Instructions for Using Pharmaceutical Cosmetics

 Some of these guidelines are:

  • Avoid the use of poorly made and inexpensive cosmetics in which the use of chemical substances, such as ammonia, is frequent because of the great harm they cause to the body, especially for the skin, and it has devastating adverse results, especially with the length of use.
  • Take care to use natural cosmetics as much as possible because they are less harmful.
  • Avoid sleeping before removing all traces of cosmetics from the body, whether they are used for the skin, or hair and eyes.
  • Use of premium quality cosmetics that are known for their quality. Selecting types that are well suited for the skin type, skin, and hair nature.
  • Not to exaggerate and increase the use of cosmetics, not the lesson in quantity, but rather how to use it.
  • Pick cosmetic colors that are suitable for skin and hair color
  • Use special cosmetic removers that are free from alcohol and ammonia to avoid irritation or irritation of the skin.
  • Applying cosmetics appropriately for the occasion, time and place, so that products for work and teaching are used, cosmetics for weddings and family occasions, cosmetics for formal occasions, or the nature of the people present
  • Preparing cosmetics depends mainly on several natural materials, such as aloe vera, medicinal herbs, almonds, and essential oils extracted from plants and flowers, in addition to using some animal products, such as animal fats, musk, amber, bee honey, and wax.

Manufacture of Natural Cosmetics

 Natural cosmetics are divided into three sections: cosmetics that contain natural and chemical substances, and others that contain entirely natural materials, organic cosmetics, where these classifications arose because of the great demand for cosmetics that are free of chemicals because many cosmetics contain materials Carcinogenic, so many of these products made from natural or organic materials such as honey, iron, magnesium and zinc and other substances beneficial to the skin, and it is necessary to know if the user suffers from a type of allergy to some natural materials to avoid their use.

Food Used as Cosmetics

Cosmetics generally contain a lot of chemicals although many manufacturers claim that their products are purely natural and organic preparations, it is not difficult to discover the opposite by reading and searching for the ingredients of the product, so it can be replaced by some natural materials such as fruits and others to lead the same purpose of chemical cosmetics as:

  • Cherry, cherry has a strong red color which makes it preferable to use as lipstick, and it is possible to put a little cherry juice on both cheeks to give them a red color.
  • Raspberry and cranberry, which contains pink when applied to the skin as lipstick or blush, and can also be used as an eye shadow in pink.
  • Spirulina, a type of marine algae that is used as eye shadows so that it can be mixed with water to obtain a dark green color and can also be mixed with cranberry juice and raw coconut oil.
  • Cocoa, cocoa contains sulfur, iron, zinc, and magnesium. These substances benefit the skin greatly. Cocoa also has a beautiful brown color that is used as eye shadows as well, as it can be used as powder and can be mixed with a small amount of water.

Who Uses Pharmaceutical Cosmetics?

The field of cosmetic and elegance is not limited to women only, men also have a strong interest in their general appearance and the cleanliness of their bodies, there are products for the beauty of hair and the disposal of hair loss, as well as products that resist the manifestations of aging (such as facial wrinkles), deodorants, and others. While women’s cosmetics focus heavily on those that hide and eliminate dark spots, acne, hair care, depilatories, and increase the vitality of cells, bleaches, and antioxidants, among others. It worthy noting in this regards that cream gel with azelaic acid 10% – 20% helps the skin renew itself more quickly and therefore reduces pimples and blackhead formation

Pharmaceutical Cosmetics That Contain Moisturizers for the Skin

The stratum corneum layer is the main layer that preserves and protects the body from external influences. This layer consists of 25% cholesterol.%, Free fatty acids by 15% %, And ceramide compounds By 50%. The exposure of the stratum corneum layer to the external environment causes it to lose amounts of water as a result of the evaporation process, and the occurrence of dehydration,

To maintain the function of this important layer, many preparations used to keep it fresh and moist, azelaic acid 20% is the perfect choice as it working successfully as a skin bleaching agent.

When using skin moisturizers, a thin layer formed on the surface of the skin retains its moisture and reflects a better look at it. It has been observed that the use of preparations containing fatty substances that are similar to the fatty components of the skin It greatly contributes to returning the damaged skin to its normal state,