Is forgetting passwords your concern? Here is the solution

With the overloaded assignments, operating different e-mail accounts, managing too many bank accounts, too many matrix involved in passwords and the

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With the overloaded assignments, operating different e-mail accounts, managing too many bank accounts, too many matrix involved in passwords and the mental stress do make us to forget the passwords of various on line accounts. Managing passwords is a hassle and can lead to problems, such as getting locked out of accounts landing us in unpredicted problems.

To overcome the evils of forgetfulness, especially the passwords, leading to untold effects, Microsoft has introduced a new password manager inside Authenticator app.  The new password manager of Microsoft is available in Edge, Chrome and Mobile users on both Android and iOS platforms.  It uses a Microsoft account to sync password across devices.

The new password manager from Microsoft is not a standalone app but integrated into the Microsoft Authenticator app that is used to authenticate sign-ins for Microsoft services that use two-factor authentication. The passwords synced with the Microsoft account on the Edge browser can be auto-filled in apps or websites on Chrome and Edge browsers, as well as on Android and iOS devices. To sync passwords on the Chrome browser, Microsoft has also introduced a new Microsoft Autofill extension.

Only Microsoft users will be able to take advantage of the password manager because the tool will require a Microsoft ID for sign-in. This is similar to how Google allows password management via Chrome using a Google account. But the best service for password management is perhaps LastPass, which is available across several platforms irrespective of you having a Google or Microsoft account. LastPass, however, is a paid service. Another similar service is 1Password that is available for all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Web.

The Microsoft Authenticator is getting the password management tool as a beta version. It is available to everyone, meaning both iOS and Android users. To be able to use it on Android or iOS, you will have to grant it full access and set it as the default autofill password provider on your device. People who have an enterprise account will not be able to use this facility.

Microsoft has not said why enterprise users are not eligible for using this service but it has created what looks like a permission list for businesses to allow their employees to use the password management services.

That said, Microsoft is rumoured to be working on a full-fledged password management service for Microsoft 365 customers, but there is no estimate on when this service will debut for these customers. Since Microsoft 365 is a paid service, the password management service for the subscribers will have extra features that will explain the difference between the two kinds of password management services.

Password management is crucial today and services from several companies do help. It is just some services are better than others because of some nifty features that make this experience even more pleasing. For Android phones, Google’s autofill service is available by default. So is the Keychain service available on iPhone for password auto-fills. Though it is not clear at the moment as to how differently Microsoft’ new password manager will work but it surely comes across as another option.