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Latest pre wedding photoshoot trends and themes

Indian weddings are a grand affair, it involves so many rituals and functions. In the midst of this big Indian wedding madness, generally brides and

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Indian weddings are a grand affair, it involves so many rituals and functions. In the midst of this big Indian wedding madness, generally brides and grooms do not get much time to spend together alone. That’s why, these days couples are loving the concept of a pre wedding shoot because they get to spend some quality time together before the wedding madness officially begins.   

It is said that the moments a bride-to-be and groom-to-be spend with each other during their courtship period are the best. From the day they both agreed to tie the knot to the day they both take vows in front of their families and friends, so many beautiful moments are lived by them which stays in their heart forever. So, how about you and your bae plan to capture some of those memorable moments and create the beautiful pictures which you both can cherish lifelong. Well, the concept of a pre wedding photoshoot is all about this i.e, “cherishing some of the sweet moments before the wedding festivities begin”.

But you must be thinking and having some of the questions like how to plan for the pre wedding shoot, which photographer is the best for pre wedding shoot, how to make your pre wedding shoot more unique, what are the latest pre wedding shoot ideas and themes, and so on. Worry not, we are here to help you. So, let’s get started.

One of the most important things to do while planning for your pre wedding shoot is to finalise a theme for it. These days, couples along with the help of professional wedding photographers are creating some unique themes and trends. Therefore, to help you out we bring you a list of the latest pre wedding photoshoot themes and trends that have been all in the rage among couples recently. 

  1. Nostalgic pre wedding shoot theme – Do you wish to rewind the time so that you can capture the moment when you both meet for the first time, or go on a date for the first time, or kiss for the first time, sounds nostalgic right?? So, how about you create all those old memories back for your pre wedding shoot and now capture all those moments. All you need is to create a similar set up and dress as you both were on those days. Trust us, you will love this theme and your pre wedding shoot pictures will tell your love story. 
  1. Cute pre wedding shoot theme with furry friends – Do you both are pet parents and love to include your furry babies into your wedding celebrations?? Then , this theme is for you. We have spotted many couples including their pets for the pre wedding shoot pictures. You don’t need to do much for this theme. Just go to a park with your cute furry pets and have a casual day out. Rest leave on the photographers, they know how to click cute pictures while you all are having fun like a family. 
  1. Romantic pre wedding shoot theme – We all love romance, well at least girls do ;). So, why don’t you plan a romantic pre wedding shoot and live your most romantic dream. Like you can plan a romantic picnic or a movie night under the stars for your pre wedding shoot. Just use your imagination and make your bae fall in love with you all over again at this romantic pre wedding shoot. 
  1. Intimate pre wedding shoot theme – How about a pre wedding shoot theme that shows sizzling chemistry and sparks between you two?? Intimate pre wedding shoot is trending a lot recently. Couples who are not shy of showing their affection towards each other are choosing this theme and believe us the pictures turn out amazingly good for this kinda shoot. You can plan an intimate pre wedding shoot at your home or can book a hotel room for this but make sure you both are comfortable first in front of the camera.
  1. Fun pre wedding shoot theme – Want to have lots of fun at your pre wedding shoot, then choose a theme that you both love. For example, if you both love to cook/bake then plan a fun cooking/baking pre wedding shoot at your home.  You can also take help of your pre wedding shoot photographer and create pictures of you both in miniature style. You can also use props to make your pictures more fun. Trust us these kinda pictures are fun and look adorable. 
  1. Adventurous pre wedding shoot theme – Are you one of those couples who doesn’t like cute cheesy pictures and want to do something different for your pre wedding shoot. Then, choose an adventurous theme for your pre wedding shoot. It can be anything, from choosing an exotic location like leh and ladakh to going underwater for the shoot. So, plan and ask your bae to join you on another adventure 🙂

So, that’s all. These are some of the best pre wedding shoot themes we have come across. You can choose any of the above themes for your pre wedding shoot or can experiment and go with a unique pre wedding shoot theme, but make sure to enjoy this time with your bae in the best possible way.