Leave Stress And Choose Happiness

Life!!! The journey that we are traveling and along with that trying to grab all we can in this short time. There isn’t any end as such to the ne

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Life!!! The journey that we are traveling and along with that trying to grab all we can in this short time.

There isn’t any end as such to the needs, wants and desires of us human beings.

We wake up with the desire to work for some goal, we sleep with the desires we want to fulfill in the upcoming day. Ever wondered how much we are actually being consumed by the life stress and how bad the consequences will be.

never ending brain tasks
never ending brain tasks

The chasing never ends you know. The life stress never ends. From being a child to the teenage times, from being an adult to the times when you are dying, you keep on chasing and keep running after some or the other thing. We human beings are so much addicted to the outer world happiness that we have somehow forgotten the real meaning of life and happiness. I feel our mind just doesn’t stop working at any point of time. There’s an endless thinking process that just goes on and on even when we are asleep. Peaceful sleep? How many of us can actually remember the last time when we could sleep without worries?

Disturbed sleep
Disturbed sleep

Life is such a precious gift God gave us and I believe we have forgotten valuing it because of the materialistic journey we all have chosen for ourselves. We have lost ourselves in the life stress that we have fallen into. Life is not mere about materialism, it’s much beyond that!
Life is not just about your MacBook, your blackberry, your AUDI Q7, or any other luxury. Life is much beyond the materialism, much beyond STRESS, TENSIONS and FRUSTRATIONS.

The journey called materialism! Does it even make sense? #Ask the levels of stress

Materialistic humans
Materialistic humans

Do you really think money is the only thing that leads to true happiness? I guess we need to re-think or probably introspect too. Money won’t lead us to happiness, time with the people who love you will make you know what happiness is. Luxuries are temporary, love is eternal.
World is competitive, I really agree with this statement and survival is possible only when you have a good earning, but then running behind your luxurious aspirations is not the only goal we are meant for.

The never ending chasing! Are they leading us anywhere?

The trapped human
The trapped human

Step out of your comfortable beds and feel the rain, drench in it and feel the beauty of life at its best.
Feel the droplets and remember the one you love.

There’s a lot of happiness that’s hidden in those small things! Feel them

Feel The Rain
Feel The Rain

Go out in your oldest attire, may be those worn out pair of denims or that faded t-shirt and feel the old good days of your life once again,
Make yourself that best coffee and read your all-time favorite novel.
Sing and dance on your favorite songs,
Call your beloved, your old friends just to tell them you care,
Go for a drive enjoying and getting inspired from each creature on the earth.
Leave your tensions aside for some time, leave your billionaire dreams behind for some time!!
And Live!! Live to make your life worth!

Life stress and its impact is something that isn’t letting you enjoy the small little happy moments of your life.
So live like you want to and don’t just keep running in this race called life. Cherish all the things you have been blessed with.