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Open letter To A Stranger Who Wants To Give Up

Dear stranger,We don’t know each other, I know that too well but right now all I know is that I am here to share all I can with you. You know why? Be

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Dear stranger,
We don’t know each other, I know that too well but right now all I know is that I am here to share all I can with you. You know why? Because I care.

I know you don’t know me, I don’t know you either but there’s a bond we share, I call that care. You want to give up right? I know life has been tough for you, but then did life come with a term called “I will be easy?”
No it didn’t right? There’s nothing that’s predictable and we are meant to adapt to it.

That’s what we all have been taught no? I know, this time is very hard for you, I know my talks might seem like crap, but all that I know is, I care for you stranger.

It’s a bad bad world, but we are a part of it too. You might have reached your saturation point and all you know is that it’s all blur. I sound too right at this moment may be? NUMB.

That’s how you feel don’t you?
A feeling where you feel that you are too done, a feeling where you feel there is no hope, a feeling where you feel nothing makes sense anymore and no matter what you do, you will never be happy again. I can totally relate with you my dear stranger.

But you know what? I trust you; I know there’s a lot more strength hidden inside you and you are worth much more. Things have been tough for you and you are probably freaking out like hell at present but I want you to sit for a while, think about at least one good thing that happened to you.

No matter if it’s with you right now or it’s gone, just remember the happiness of that moment.

Letting go takes courage my dear stranger and I believe in you. I believe that you have the courage to let go all the negativity of your life and hold on to things that give you happiness.

I am sure you would tell me that there isn’t a single reason left that gives you happiness, right? But always remember, things are gone so that you take the initiative of creating more.

The world is cruel but being good in this cruel world is always the best choice you know? If there’s not even a single person or thing that gives you happiness, remember you love yourself first more than anything in this world. Acceptance from the world is not what you are here for. World is supposed to love you for what you are.

Change is good only when you feel you wanna change for your own good. Change is not good when you decide to change in order to be accepted.

You are what you are and I respect you for what you are my dear stranger. Challenges are never gonna end, life will never stop being unpredictable, people will never stop being mean, then why is your life supposed to stop stranger?

Pull up your socks and take a deep breath. Tell yourself that you deserve the best and best surely doesn’t include the words “give up”. Wherever you are, in whichever corner of this earth you are, just remember, you deserve a lot more than defeat. Do you understand? YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

No matter what, you my dear stranger will not give up and you will achieve all your dreams that you had. There’s much more that you got to see, much more that you got to experience, much more that’s meant for you and a lot better things are on their way that you my dear stranger, deserve.


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P.S Whenever you feel weak or low, whenever you feel you want to give up, just remember my words-

Another stranger