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She lost her husband’s ring half a century ago, Then the miracle happened”

In a story that seems stranger than fiction, a woman managed to restore a precious memory after she lost her husband's ring in an American store abou

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In a story that seems stranger than fiction, a woman managed to restore a precious memory after she lost her husband’s ring in an American store about half a century ago.

Debra McKenna, 63, missed a ring her husband had offered it to her when they were friends at Morse secondary school.

According to  British newspaper “Metro”, Sean McKenna was awarded his graduation ring from American high school to his girlfriend Debra, who later became his wife, but later she lost it on 1973 in a supermarket in Portland, Oregon.

The couple lived together for 40 years before Sean died of cancer in 2017 after suffering for 6 years, so Debra lived later on their happy memories, and before “good news” came to her from the far corners of the earth.

After about 47 years after the loss of the ring, which was the first gift from her husband, news came to her that a Finnish researcher searching for minerals was able to find that precious memory buried under 20 centimeters under a forest in Finland, thousands of miles away from the place where she lost it.

That man was able to know the source of the ring because of the inscriptions engraved on it and indicate the name of the school and the year of graduation, which prompted him to communicate with the school administration that was able to know the owner of the ring.

When Debra heard that her ring had been found, she was crying with tears of joy , and she said in press statements: “It is really impressive that there are good people who are taking the trouble and hardship to help others .. We need more of these people”.

And she continued: “I felt it was a message from my late husband to return that ring after those long years. He used to tell me there are no coincidences in the world, and what happens to you is good for your deeds.”.