Dating In University Vs Real Life


Dating In University Vs Real Life

Dating world today is complex. Yes, sure there is overabundance of technology and it has made it easier and more convenient than ever to find our so

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Dating world today is complex. Yes, sure there is overabundance of technology and it has made it easier and more convenient than ever to find our soulmate, Just swipe right.

Call me old-fashioned or what, in my personal opinion dating is a very intimate thing, that works best in places like schools and colleges. Where you see her every day and she sees you, you gather courage and approach and one thing follows the other.
In today’s time, people meet each other’s image before they actually meet and tell me exactly how can you know a person through their duck faced profile pics and falsely created a persona.

But there are people who advocate otherwise. They believe that once we are out of our college life and have taken on the real world, it comes easier to build meaning full relationships.
SO let’s pitch dating in college vs dating in real life. And let’s see who wins!

Meeting new people:

College: Dating was easy as you never have to find someone, you run into new people each day, recall the 1st semesters. The possibilities here are endless. The best part about meeting people is interacting with them and getting to know them intimately, some end up being your BFF’s and just like that someone becomes your life.

Real life: The possibilities seem endless, but they aren’t. You go to the same bars and meet the same people all over again, the fun and excitement of meeting new people (especially girls) vanishes. Poof..


College : 1 vs Real life : 0

Friends are Wingmen:

College:  Eyeing a pretty girl in college but lacking the courage to approach.
Friends to the rescue, they make it happen!
Either they mock you for not being a man enough or create your reputation among the girls, especially the one you have the crush on, by saying he is good in history and this and that.

In college even the silent, introvert guy also has a chance of dating or better of, being in a relationship. All thanks to friends.


Real life:

Your friend circle will be more of an imposed one, if not, they will be going through their quarter-life crisis, wanting a better job, better salary, better house, bitching about their bosses etc.
If  you are thinking that your shacked-up friends will invite you to dinner parties and introduce you to their single friends, come to reality, your shacked-up friends are speaking in first-person plural and spending weekends at Big Bazaar.

College : 2 vs Real life : 0

Dating experienced individuals:

College: The world which is made with equal proportions of fun, crazy, and stupidity.

And that’s why college romances and dating scenes don’t mutate into marriages or even live-in relationships. The real life throws a stone at your dreams and fantasies and acquaints you with its harsh reality, of what you thought of love was just an overstretched infatuation.
Real life: People you meet are aware of the harsh realities of life–job, marriage, buying your own home etc.
So you indulge in stimulating conversations and you find people whose wavelength is matching with yours.

In real life, your dates are refined, more experienced and mature individuals.


College: 2 vs Real life: 1

Money Issue:

College: Money becomes an issue only at the end of the month. It’s that time of the month when you wonder, where did it all go?

But many college students don’t have much money of their own, so finances don’t pose too much of a problem. So those afternoon brunches and movies don’t pinch your pocket, they dig a hole in our parents’ pockets.

The only thing that runs through our minds is the next time we are going to meet our BF/GF.
Real life: Once everyone graduates and gets a job and starts earning, finances suddenly become the burning issue. If you thought meal for two at the college canteen was pricey, “real” dating is a whole lot worse.
In real life, finances may also become the reason for the tension between partners. Some women do say that it gets a bit wired when their male partners earn less compared to them.

College 3 vs real life: 2 (it’s a tie)


College: When in the promise land, the only thing that your girlfriend expects from you is are good looks and a great sense of humor.

And the guys expect their girl to possess great aahem.., I meant great looks of course!
#Dirty minds.

Real life: In the real life, dating landscape is a whole lot different from what you have come to know from your college days.
Expectations skyrocket and goes to critical stages like, “Is he marriage material?” and “Will my family accept her as she is?”
Do I need to tell the score on this one.

College: 4 vs Real life: 3
So the verdict is out, Real life dating can never come close to dating scene in college.
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