Since December. these are the 10 most famous “lies” that some believe about Corona

The World Health Organization has not stopped refuting many of the rumors that social media has covered since the start of the Coronavirus in China l

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The World Health Organization has not stopped refuting many of the rumors that social media has covered since the start of the Coronavirus in China last December.

Here we review the top 10 rumors or lies circulated widely by social media users about the Coronavirus During the past months, the World Health Organization responded to it.

Mosquitoes transmit coronavirus

The World Health Organization says that the coronavirus “cannot be transmitted by mosquito and insect bites,” adding that “so far there is no information or evidence to suggest that the coronavirus can be transmitted through mosquitoes.”

Hot showers kill the virus

W.H.O denied this in it’s Facebook account saying that ” Bathing in warm or even very hot water does not prevent coronavirus infection,” on the contrary, it may harm human skin.

Nasal spray prevents infection

The World Health Organization said in a post on its Facebook account, that spraying the nose from the inside with salt water on a regular basis, as some believe, does not prevent infection of the Coronavirus.

The deceased in Corona transmits the infection

 Maha Talaat, WHO Regional Consultant for the Eastern Mediterranean to Combat Infection, said that the deceased due to the Coronavirus does not transmit the infection completely, and there are procedures during washing the body to prevent transmission.

The virus does not affect young people

The World Health Organization has revealed that the new Coronavirus is capable of infecting and killing young people, and the organization called on them to avoid mixing and transfer it to the elderly and other groups most at risk.

Smoker immune from the virus

 The World Health Organization said, that smoking of all kinds, whether cigarettes or other types of smoking, increases the chances of a smoker being infected with the Coronavirus and transmitting the infection to others

Pneumonia vaccine protects against corona 

The World Health Organization confirmed that anti-pneumonia vaccines “do not provide protection against the Coronavirus,” adding that the coronavirus is completely new and different, stressing that it needs its own vaccine.

Gargling with vinegar fights Corona 

The World Health Organization says there is no evidence to suggest that gargling with vinegar or salt water eliminates the Coronavirus, and that this may help cure regular colds.

Corona is transmitted through the air

The World Health Organization has reaffirmed that the Coronavirus is transmitted through droplets of the infected person to others through coughing, or sneeze, and does not travel directly through the air, although the spray can remain suspended for a while in the air.

The virus is transmitted from 5G towers 

The World Health Organization said the Coronavirus “cannot be transmitted via radio waves or mobile networks,” including the fifth-generation networks made in China.