” We met one second,” bin Laden’s killer reveals the details of the operation

On May 2, 2011, a team of American Special Forces carried out the killing of al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, in a bold operation that took place in

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On May 2, 2011, a team of American Special Forces carried out the killing of al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, in a bold operation that took place in Pakistan.

Yesterday Saturday, after 9 years, Fox News published portions of the testimony of American soldier Rob O’Neill, who had shot by his weapon the first wanted murder on the American terrorist list at that time.

“The man who killed bin Laden,” O’Neill revealed, in an exclusive interview in an interesting documentary” details of the process that former US President Barack Obama and the leaders of his administration followed, moment by moment.

In his testimony, O’Neill said that he received a training that lasted several weeks to accomplish the mission, and it took his team about 82 minutes to get to near Bin Laden’s house, where he was not concerned at the time, except to think about completing the mission, and liquidating the man responsible for the September 11 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

O’Neill said he thought his mission might be “one-way”, meaning that he might not return from it due to its seriousness, but that it was “worth” for him and his colleagues, as he put it.

He disclosed that he did not believe what was going on to the extent that: “And when the plane’s doors were opened, I made sure that this is not a training site in the mountains of the United States. It is not a desert. It is lights, it is a city”.

Parts of the documentary made available by “Fox News” revealed how the operation team infiltrated the compound that bin Laden inhabited, where the house was stormed and finally went to the bedroom of the founder of Al Qaeda. On the upper floor”.

O’Neill recalls in more detail these moments: “We all went up the stairs into the room. We have not seen the” big man “yet, has he left it … or was he there?

According to the American soldier’s words, there was a curtain that had been removed, so that the soldiers found behind him a number of women, who are bin Laden’s daughters and one of his wives, and his colleagues imagined that they might have explosive belts, but one of the team’s members drove them “risking his life,” as he could have receives a bullet from bin Laden who was definitely located somewhere.

When O’Neill finally found bin Laden, he felt that he was not armed, and O’Neill said: “His arm was on the shoulder of one of his wives (…) I put my hand on him, pushed him to the hallway, and then stared at the face that I saw thousands of times”.

When the presenter asked the American soldier in the documentary “Did you say anything to him (before he was shot)?” O’Neill replied briefly, “No … we met for a second … that was all”.

It is noteworthy that the start of the American Special Forces operation took place from Afghanistan, and it killed 4 other bin Laden comrades, including one of his wives.