What Do You Know About Sound Therapy And Its Frequencies?

Has the music ever changed your mood?  Did the bird sounds make you feel fine? You are not delusional, sounds have the magical power to transfor

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Has the music ever changed your mood?  Did the bird sounds make you feel fine? You are not delusional, sounds have the magical power to transform moods and unlock the energy of happiness in daily routines.

 But have you ever heard of sound therapy or a sound bath? It is another of the oldest natural remedies technology.

Sound, music and instruments were used in all ancient civilizations that crossed the planet, from Greece to Tibet to India, in order to heal the body, mind and soul.

A variety of techniques are combined in voice therapy, such as the Black Pearl (meridian or meridian Chinese points), aromatherapy, and crystals (crystal).

Sound Effect:

Today we talk about ancient cultures, including shamanism (shamanic tribes live in the Himalayas, and are found in Indochina and elsewhere, and shaman practices are mainly concerned with treating the sick) and have focused on the power of sound in their traditional rituals as a tool for healing.

“Just as any instrument may malfunction over time, our bodies can easily become detached from harmony due to the daily stress and accumulated negativity. It affects our energy field around and then inside the body, and because we are energy, frequency and vibration, we can use sound therapy to find deep relaxation through soothing resonant sounds, and soothing. “

It should be noted, however, that the sounds affect people very deeply, removing old obstacles in the body and allowing energy (chi, prana) or life force to flow evenly throughout the body, and fully achieving vibrational regularity to reach good health.

Treatment Process:

But how does the treatment process take place inside our bodies?  

Sound allows our low energy levels to be converted into high frequencies.

Sound therapy raises the body’s vibration frequency to a higher level, bringing it back into harmony, releasing past experiences, traumas, or negative energies from the aura field, and aligning the chakras (energy centers).

And the sound helps to accelerate the shifts in brain wave states when a stronger vibration meets a weaker one it physically syncs itself and transforms itself into the vibrational mode of the stronger tone.

“We can make waves transmitted from the brain beta state ( Beta Normal) to alpha relaxed state ( alpha) and until reaching a state of theta meditation ( theta) then delta ( delta). This is what meditation does, but with sound, frequency and vibration are the drivers that cause this rapid transformation,”

This is often done with little effort, or without effort if the person can give in completely to the experience. So much so, that some people fall asleep during a treatment session despite the sound of the bell.


The tools you work with are Tibetan singing bowls (used in Tibet), small and large gongs, crystal bowls, drums, rattles, tuning forks and bells, buzzers, chimes, vibrators, and sound.

Tibetan singing bowls are handcrafted with a mixture of 7 metal alloys: silver, gold, iron, mercury, copper, tin, and lead and are “infused with prayers, intentions, and healing during manufacture. Each pot has one main note with notes as it moves around the bowl. A hard or soft hammer is used to strike or spin the bowl around lip to allow the bowl to sing. “

Almost all vocal aids are used during the healing session, calming the sympathetic nervous system and altering its state of consciousness.

Sound therapy is a very ancient science that Pythagoras used to make “spiritual adaptations” of people, as well as the shamanic tribes of the Himalayas who used ancient healing traditions.

Quantum physics helped greatly in explaining the science behind sound therapy, as it proved that everything has a vibration, and this field is growing steadily.

Many practitioners in Western medicine have incorporated this method as a “complementary medical practice” along with their work to help and treat patients with effective non-invasive methods.


On a deeper level, there are some conditions that can be treated, such as reducing stress, improving immunity, lowering blood pressure, reducing insomnia, anxiety and depression, coordinating the chakras with the energy field, synchronizing the cerebral hemispheres, getting rid of mental and emotional negativity, cancer, autism, Alzheimer’s, Enhance intuition and creativity, expand perceptions and transform awareness, etc.

Sound Bath:

Regarding the sessions that we call “sound baths”, most of them exceed the hour when they are collective, so that “the journey is sound without deepening, or for two hours in the private session where time passes quickly and is more profound.”

“We all know that music has a profound ability to transport us to another world or space, and a voice healing session does just that. It works to revive memories, and bring the current state of mind to the fore only to be released in seconds.”

The body is roughly 70% to 80% water, so striking a bowl around the body and over the body allows the vibrations to travel throughout it. And it can achieve qualitative leaps in states of consciousness if the person is prepared to do so.

It is possible to focus on more than one place, depending on the situation, whether they are physical illnesses, fears, or other problems. Also, the experience changed the career of some people, emotional or social.

Contemplative Music:

As for the sounds present in nature, they are very harmonious, give calm and calm, and have the ability to raise one’s energy levels. This can be experienced as soon as you go for a walk on the beachfront or in the woods.

Another form of listening is to music that is played at different frequency units (Hz). Meditative music can be heard played at 432 Hz or 623 Hz, for example, which is a specific unit of measure to induce positive healing.

There is music heard with both ears, a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, in addition to the (Solfeggio) it has the power to heal mind and body.