Why You Should Consider Using Social Media Influencers to Grow Your Business in Singapore

Singapore, the island nation located in the Southern part of the Malay Peninsula, is the most developed independent country in Asia. Apart from havin

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Singapore, the island nation located in the Southern part of the Malay Peninsula, is the most developed independent country in Asia. Apart from having one of the highest gross domestic products per capita in the world, the city-state also boasts of a remarkable influence on global affairs despite its relatively small size.

The Lion City is known for its high-quality of life, cleanliness, safety, and impeccable public systems. With its world-class tourist attractions, top-notch shopping centers, and outstanding medical care, Singapore is the fifth-most visited city on the planet, welcoming millions of international tourists every year.

Apart from tourism, the city-state is also known as a business haven, given its stable economy, corporate-friendly policies, and abundance of a talented and competitive workforce. If you are running a venture in the Lion City, you essentially have the environment needed to flourish. You just need to utilize practical marketing approaches to grow your business even further, such as partnering with top Singapore influencers and using influencer marketing strategy.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Recent statistics show that over 4 million Singaporeans or almost 80 percent of the population are active on social media. And from this number, a large portion trusts what influencers say about certain brands more than the information on company websites or official advertisements.

Given the crucial role of social media personalities or influencers play in the buying behavior of consumers, influencer marketing strategy is born. This approach aims to create positive brand awareness and improve sales by tapping the swaying power of top influencers.

How Can Influencers Help Your Business?

A recent study revealed that over 90 percent of consumers trust social media influencers more than endorsements and advertisements featuring celebrities. As such, partnering with influencers related to your brand can help your business in the following ways:

  • They Can Help You in Reaching Your Target Market

Whether you realize it or not, many of your advertising techniques like pop-up and email ads are a hit-or-miss strategy. For one, you have no control over the action of the potential customers. They can refuse to view your ad or even read your email. Secondly, you do not know if you are tapping the right audience. Given these possibilities, there is an excellent chance that many of your marketing efforts are futile.

When you partner with a social media influencer related to your niche, however, you can be sure that your target market is listening. For instance, if you are a cosmetics company, you can tap a famous beauty blogger to use your cosmetic products.

The moment your product is featured on the influencer’s Instagram feed or other social media platforms, you can be assured that the people who will see the post are individuals most interested in trying out your product. Keep in mind that popular influencers already built a good reputation among their followers, which means their supporters will trust your brand if they see the blogger using it.

  • They Can Help Boost Brand Awareness

Once you partner with influential social media personalities to use your products or services in their articles and content, you can increase your brand awareness significantly. Imagine having a blogger with hundreds of thousands of loyal social media following giving positive reviews of your product or service.

Once the review has been published, you can be assured that, at the very least, hundreds of thousands of consumers supporting the influencer would have heard about your brand and will start searching about it. Keep in mind that brand awareness is crucial in any business, considering that customers will not patronize your product unless they are aware that such a brand exists.

  • They Can Help Make Your Brand More Relatable

Partnering with an influential social media personality can help you create content that will make your brand more relatable to consumers. Keep in mind that even if your product or service offers numerous benefits, people will not patronize it unless you can connect with them and converse with them in a language they understand.

Top influencers are experts in making brands appealing. They know how to communicate with their audience through images, stories, and other means. They offer answers as to why a particular brand should be trusted and used, even if they do not directly say so. In other words, social media personalities know how to engage their followers and encourage them into action.

Given the advantages mentioned above, it is clear that engaging top Singapore influencers in your marketing campaign can yield numerous benefits that can help move your business forward. Instead of learning the ropes or jumping in the influential marketing trend haphazardly, it is best to find a reputable digital marketing company with expertise and experience in carrying out a suitable influencer marketing campaign for your brand.