3 Mistakes to Avoid as a Healthcare Provider

Delivering your patients with the highest level of care is what sets you apart as a healthcare provider – but your dedication certainly does not

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Delivering your patients with the highest level of care is what sets you apart as a healthcare provider – but your dedication certainly does not mean that you are immune to making mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes made by physicians and nurses can prove costly not only from a financial perspective, but also in terms of your reputation. Here is a list of three mistakes to avoid.

Incorrect diagnoses

Even if you are an excellent diagnostician with many years of experience in this regard, it is still possible to make an error when it comes to a patient’s diagnosis. The reality is that many symptoms that present for one health concern present for a number of others too. The key here is to be thorough, even if the diagnosis seems straightforward enough. Rope in another doctor for a second opinion, run a few additional tests just to be sure, and always insist on following up with the patient to check on their progress after having prescribed them any medication.

Making ‘kickback’ referrals

Medicare fraud is surprisingly widespread across the United States and ‘kickback’ fraud is one of the most common examples of this. Generally, doctors need to be extremely cautious when referring their patients to any other third party. ‘Kickback’ referrals occur when a doctor forms a ‘partnership’ with another healthcare organization, laboratory, etc. where he or she earns money, or another incentive, through making referrals. You must refer a patient somewhere because you are confident that they will be in good hands – not because there will be some extra cash in yours!

Unfortunately, some types of Medicare fraud often take place due to human error, so it helps to be prepared in the event that your practice comes under investigation. Take the time to research the advantages of defense lawyer in Highland Park IL and equip yourself with the details of a qualified healthcare fraud lawyer – just in case!

Failure to act on test results

By now, you have probably scanned a million different test results sent back from the lab. This could mean that you now do so a little less carefully than you probably used to when you first graduated from medical school. It is important to change this as any lack of concentration when perusing test results could lead to a health crisis of catastrophic proportions for the patient in question. A failure to act on test results is a medical error seen far too often. Along with missing warning signs and red flags due to being rushed or distracted, another reason why this may happen is due to a lack of proper communication of the results – hence, it is vital for doctors to review all results in person.

Remember, if test results are on the borderline between being normal and causing concern, always take further action to rule out any problems rather than assuming that everything should be alright.

The bottom line? Take your time when caring for your patients and ensure that you have familiarized yourself with all important healthcare legislation.