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5 Amazing Ways to Cosy Up Your Home Office

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash Spending all this time within the confines of our homes has given us a chance to go over our home office decor

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Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

Spending all this time within the confines of our homes has given us a chance to go over our home office decor in great detail. Whether you have a proper office or you’ve adapted a cosy nook into an office, there are ways to cosy it all up even more. The right interior design will motivate you to work even harder and achieve great business results.

Pick the right essentials

The right chair, that supports your back and is comfortable to sit for hours on end is the first element of a cozy home office. You can never go wrong if you invest in an ergonomically correct office chair. The next item is your desk. The type of work you do daily and the amount of space available will define your desk choice. Be practical about your decision and pick a desk that can fit all your equipment and still allow you room to work comfortably. Make sure the chair and desk fit nicely and allow you to scoot under the desk with ease.

Pick the wall color that motivates you

When choosing the wall colour for your office, pick a colour that doesn’t remind you of your previous corporate office. Avoid beige that is a typical cubicle color, and go for something that motivates you to work hard. Pick a colour you love and the room will practically speak to you. Customize it to your own benefit, elevated productivity and increased comfort. Colour can affect your mood so go for something bright like shades of orange, calming like shades of green or performance boosting like shades of blue.

Organization is the key to productivity

Apart from setting up your entire workstation, you need to leave room for storage. If your workstation is part of your bedroom, be creative and use your closet for storage. At least, some part of it. If you’ve turned your spare room into a home office, put up a proper bookcase next to your desk or on the opposite side of it. You can display your books in it and other details and use it as a perfect backdrop for business Zoom calls. Make sure to find room for your folders, piles of paper and other important things and maintain a clutter free office. Clutter can make you less productive and that’s something you’d like to avoid.

A well-lit office is a productive office

Another thing that can affect your productivity is the amount of light. Poorly lit rooms can be the reason why you lack focus or have a headache. So, you need to embrace the benefits of natural light. You can position your desk parallel to the window instead of placing it in the darkest corner of the room. If the window is positioned on your left, don’t let the glare from the window ruin your view by installing the light-toned roller blinds which you can adjust to your needs.

If you tend to work late in the afternoon, you’ll need to shine the additional light to help you concentrate better. Overhead light fixtures will give the office the right amount of light when it gets dark. But, for added comfort and adequate lighting directed at your work area, get yourself a desk lamp. It can also be a nice detail on your desk too.

Details will reflect your unique personality

The fact that you get to work from home means that you can customize your home office space the way you want. It can reflect your unique personality and no one will have any issues with that. Moreover, it will inspire you to be creative, productive and innovative with your work.

You can decorate your desk with a picture of your family or even yourself with your pet. Pick a photograph that fills you with positive emotions anytime you look at it. If your desk faces the wall, and you hate staring at the blank wall, decorate it with some art. Pick something abstract in shades you love or go for a lovely reproduction of a famous piece of art.

Glam it up with plants

Plants have the same effect on your mood like your favorite photograph. They can make you happier, calmer and put you in a better mood. When you feel stressed because of work, you can take a few moments to breathe in and look at the calming greenery. Make room for a succulent, snake plant or a ZZ plant on your desk. These plants are low maintenance and good air purifiers.

Creating the space that motivates you even when you feel tired and distracted is just six steps away. Follow our tips and make your home office as cozy as the rest of your home.