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3 Super Easy DIY Projects

We get it, DIY isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Some people just struggle with home improvements or lack the patience it takes to complete a project. Th

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We get it, DIY isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Some people just struggle with home improvements or lack the patience it takes to complete a project. That’s just fine, but sometimes there comes a moment where your home just needs an added umph to help freshen it up.

For those who cannot tell the difference between a spanner and a screwdriver, there are still some super easy and simple DIY projects that you can do at home to not only improve where you live, but also make you feel way more accomplished and satisfied with yourself. Who knows? Once you complete these three simple DIY projects, maybe you’ll be ready to tackle something more intense, like renovating an entire house!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though: first off, here’s some super easy DIY projects that anyone can do.

1.    Put Up a Shelf

Shelves are a great way to add storage space to any room and are particularly good for books or ornaments. Or you can go for something a bit more creative.

Shelves are super easy provided you have the right tools. You’ll need an electric drill, some long screws to make sure it’s sturdy, and most crucially, a level. With these items it’s as simple as drilling your shelving board to bracket, drilling that bracket into the wall, and then making sure everything’s level so that nothing slides off when you place it on there.

2.    Upcycle some furniture

Sometimes a tired old piece of furniture is just that, tired. However, it’s super easy to wake it up and turn it into a fresh statement piece of furniture that you’ll be proud of for years to come. Items such as a dining room table or a chest of draws only need a new lick of paint to be transformed into something great.

A good paint option that’s very stylish these days is milk paint, which is an awesome, environmentally friendly type made from natural ingredients like clay, milk protein, lime and a coloured pigment. This type of paint can be found at loads of hardware stores across the country and you can get it even cheaper with Home Depot Coupons. To really enhance your furniture, you can also try to replace hardware like the knobs and handles to really transform it.

3.    Make a Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great way to add some class to your backyard and are also super easy and inexpensive to make. It’s a great addition to any garden as it can keep you toasty during chilly nights and it also allows you to roast marshmallows and other tasty treats to really bring that campsite feel home.

To make them, all you need is some pewter concrete wall blocks, making sure that they are the ones that retain heat. You will also need some pea pebbles and a bag of paver base. To build, simply assemble the bricks in a circle and stack them up until you get a good height and then add the paver and pebbles. Simple, yet effective.