4 Indications threatening corporate brand


4 Indications threatening corporate brand

The promotion of the employer’s brand is very important, and this greatly affects the reputation of the business of the workplace, and there are usual

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The promotion of the employer’s brand is very important, and this greatly affects the reputation of the business of the workplace, and there are usually clear indications that the brand has a good reputation or that it suffers from problems.

Here we address the four warning signs that indicate the true status of the employer’s brand and its impact on the business.

  1. Low level of employees
    This is the first indicator that a business owner should pay attention to and take into account.

Employees are supposed to provide periodic assessment of their work and experiences in the workplace, whether that is through reviews, surveys, or informal discussions.

It is likely that the low level of employee participation in the company will be an obstacle to improving the reputation of the employer’s brand.

The employee’s experience in the workplace and his feeling towards him directly affect the employer’s brand, stressing the need to enhance the employee experience.

And that caring for employees is embodied by taking their observations into consideration, making the necessary changes, and integrating recreational activities in the workplace.

  1. Refusal to change
    We would like to point out that some employers avoid introducing some of the changes necessary to develop their businesses due to their fear of change, and said that efforts should evolve to improve the employer’s brand and marketing to expand the business..

In other words, employees may feel afraid of change and risk that the employer may take, which contributes to limiting their creativity.  .

Rather than being afraid of change, the employer should encourage his employees to create new ideas in the workplace by building a strong culture that encourages innovation and helps improve the brand.

  1. The difficulty of retaining employees I inform you today of my resignation from the company, within two weeks from today… If you encounter such a message, it means that the employer brand is heading towards a dark fate.

Some sources say staff turnover can be reduced by 28% by investing in the employer’s brand.

Business owners should determine the success of their business according to employee retention and their reasons for resignation.

Employees may leave the company for a variety of reasons, including low pay, lack of respect, or receiving too little reward for their hard work, which prompts the manager to fix any issues he may have by retaining the resigning employees.

That the employer has some problems in hiring people is not a coincidence, but is another indication that the employer brand is in trouble.

According to other sources, 75% of job seekers take an employer’s brand reputation into consideration before applying for a job.

The employer must analyze the reasons for the unwillingness of the candidates to apply to work within his company, and pay attention to the possibility of someone hearing about a negative experience experienced by one of the current or former employees.

Candidates are attracted to eye-catching employer brands, and the inclusion of features such as benefits and paid vacations will boost your brand’s fortunes.

  1. Brand fakes
    in this context in that candidates for employment and staff can discover the brand of the employer that are false, and that if efforts were not authentic may harm the reputation of the Organization.

And should the owners of companies to submit candidates prior to glimpse about what work within the company, and what distinguishes it from others what should be the company’s unique and different from other commercial activities and ideas and cultures .

Employers can showcase the company’s work culture on social media, which helps them market the employer’s brand, and gives candidates a more accurate view of employees and the work environment.

Employees’ opinion
that the mistake many business owners make is to focus on their brand image from the customer’s point of view only, while neglecting the opinion of employees.

Employer branding reveals the value of employees to their managers, and the pace of business growth and ability to retain the best employees may decline in their absence.

The employer brand represents the identity of the company, it is what makes it unique in the eyes of candidates who are looking for jobs.