5 Gifts For Dad That He Will Love To Receive on Any Day

Let’s just accept the fact that we share a kind of love-hate relationship with our fathers. Fathers have always maintained hard-on the outside and so

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Let’s just accept the fact that we share a kind of love-hate relationship with our fathers. Fathers have always maintained hard-on the outside and soft on the inside personality. They fail terribly at emoting emotions. But, that doesn’t change the fact that they harbour immense love for their children. They love and care for their children as much as mothers do. 

Fathers are a bit harsh (and that is when we come to hate them, occasionally), but, more than the hate, we love them. We love them beyond words and expressions. So, here are some of the gift ideas for the unsung hero of our life– Dad that will make him love you more. Aur kya pta, iss baar papa keh hi de, I love You, Beta! 

  1. Grooming Essentials: Your dad loves to stay all groomed up. From his hair to beard, everything is perfect; just like him. As they say, with a great beard, comes great responsibility. So how about gifting him a kit of grooming essentials that would ease the burden off his shoulders and would help him step out all suited, booted, and groomed. A kit containing shaving cream, razor, beard oil, trimmer, towel, shave lotion is idyllic to go with. 
  • Greeting Card: For me, expressing feelings to dad is not as easy as it is with my mother. If this is the thing with you also, then a greeting card is the perfect gift for him. From handmade to personalised, you can pick anyone for him, write a few words, and you are good to go. Without saying much, you can express all your feelings to him beautifully with a greeting card. Father’s Day greeting cards, birthday greetings, etc. greeting cards fit every occasion. 
  • Personalised Whiskey Glasses: After a hectic day, he loves to sip his favourite whiskey for shedding the load. And, enjoying his favourite whiskey in personalised glasses would be a soothing and amazing experience that he would love to experience every evening. Give him a set of personalised glasses with his initials engraved on it or a saying that best compliments his drinking habit or personality. Maybe, he would invite you as well for a round or so because you left him speechless with your thoughtful gift. 
  • Plants: Everyone adores and appreciates the blessings of nature. Fathers are no different. And if he is born with green thumbs, undoubtedly, he would love this. Trust us. Extend him a token of greenery over potted beauties like Peace lily, Lucky Bamboo, Hibiscus, Aloe Vera, and many more varieties. The green buddies will bring home and into his life the breath of fresh air, positivity, and beauty. 
  • Cakes and Chocolates: Who can ever say “No” to sweet confections? Perhaps, No one. Though he may not have ever said he loves chocolates or cakes, you know he does. Because, every morning when you walk to the fridge to grab a bite of your favourite chocolate, you always have to suffice with the half-eaten bar. Also, celebrations are a reason to indulge in sweet pleasures over cakes and chocolates. A box of chocolates or cake is sure to impress him. 

Hope you will strike the chords right!!