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Got A Creepy Guy In Office? Here Is How You Can Deal With Him!

Go with your Instinct Office Harassment A common mistake that everyone does while they are being the victims of such harassment is they start c

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Go with your Instinct

office harassment
Office Harassment

A common mistake that everyone does while they are being the victims of such harassment is they start consulting every person in their social circle.

These people not having witnessed the circumstances, inform the victim that it is her imagination. So, just cut short the middle steps and go with your instinct, even if you feel the slightest of such harassment.

And if you are too afraid to confront him, just stay in group. He won’t dare do anything creepy when you are in a group.

Tit for Tat

Tit for Tat

Though this is not usually a very good advice in other scenarios, but it does fit as the lost puzzle piece here.

It sometimes happens that the creeps of the office don’t actually know themselves that they are behaving weirdly, or are making others uncomfortable.

So in order to confront them without actually confronting them, start giving them a hard time the same way they have been giving you. Soon enough, they will realize that they have been wrong at many levels.

Call Out for what you don’t appreciate

Call Out for what you don’t appreciate
Image Source: WiseGeek

No one can read your mind, so at times; it becomes important to let the other person know what you are actually thinking. Hence, if you don’t appreciate a comment that someone makes, or even find it offensive, show the offence you have by simply saying, “That isn’t funny” Or “You need to stop” or even better, “Please don’t make me uncomfortable.”

These statements become more effective if someone else also hears it, which is totally going to embarrass the assailant.

During a Meeting

During a Meeting

There are some gutsy people who might try to embarrass you even in front of tens of people or during a meeting.

So in that scenario, counteracting is really important. Just don’t let those weird talks blow your brains away. Instead, maintain your composure and make a statement that totally counteracts with what he said.

Being totally subtle and calm might add to the beauty of the insult that the person commenting on you will feel.

Eye Contact:

Eye Contact
Image Source: attractionmethods.com

Now a Tit for Tat would surely give the assailant, a wrong symbol in this case. Hence, when the person is trying to make too much of eye contact, refrain from making any sort of eye contact.

Try asking him if something is wrong, especially when you have a good company. Making the person realize his mistake by asking if he is trying to point out something stuck in your teeth might also help. He would be so embarrassed that he won’t even look at you with a wrong gesture after that.

Improper Touching

Improper Touching
Improper Touching, Image Source: IndiaTimes

Always remember that ANYTHING that makes you uncomfortable is off-limits. And if the other person is touching you in any inappropriate manner, you are left with no option other than frowning upon it. But wait no more as there is a simple solution to this. Avoid any sort of touching with that person, and yes, this does include handshakes. If these cannot be avoided, just make a statement, “Please maintain a decent distance” to him.

Don’t attack personally

Don’t attack personally

You will have to maintain your calm and composure when such people start giving you hard time.

Attacking someone personally or being violent in such scenarios will be your own loss. Always refrain yourself from making any such personal attack – verbal or physical. Just calm down and find a better way to avoid such situations as there is always a better way.


business man and woman talking in the office

Confronting a freak in the office place might not be considered as a good idea by many, but it is actually a great idea.

Moreover, if the above ideas don’t work, don’t hesitate in being direct in approach. Just go to that person and confront him in such a manner that it embarrasses him and he doesn’t repeat such an action in future.

Post A Warning

Post A Warning

Now this doesn’t mean that start making the life of the other person so difficult that he has to resign from the office, but do raise an alarm for the other people. If you are being a victim of such a situation and don’t raise an alarm for other people, you might be the culprit for other people facing the same situation. Don’t underestimate such situations but instead, go ahead and take an action against it.
Following the above steps can surely make you feel like the queen of the office. Just keep in mind, never to lose your composure.