Does Vape Juice Go Unhealthy?

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Does Vape Juice Go Unhealthy?

Vaping has gained a lot of popularity these days especially among young and middle-aged adults. Just like smoking cigarettes, vaping is highly promo

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Vaping has gained a lot of popularity these days especially among young and middle-aged adults. Just like smoking cigarettes, vaping is highly promoted by manufacturers and retailers to the extent of using celebrities to influence the market.

The main difference between smoking and vaping is that the latter uses vape juice that contains nicotine, a base, water, and flavors. However, some other e-juices such as those made from hemp, marijuana, essential oils, and herbs are becoming popular.

While there are many varieties of e-juices, the biggest concern among users is wondering, “Does vape juice go bad?” Well, it is good that every vaper knows something about them going bad and the expiration of these e-liquids.

Contents of Vape Juice

First things first. Knowing the common ingredients of a standard vape juice is crucial when trying to understand the question, “Does vape juice go bad?”

·        Base – Most users know something about vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, which are used as the base. Some purely contain one type while the best vape juices have both in a certain ratio. These ingredients determine the throat hit and smoothness of the e-juice.

·        Nicotine – This ingredient is used in almost all vape juices, and it is responsible for the addictive quality of vape juice. The good thing is that it can be added in various strengths from strong to mild. Some e-juices are even nicotine-free.

·        Flavors – As of now, there are hundreds of flavors of e-juices. It all depends on the creativity of the manufacturer.

·        Other ingredients – Water, essential oils, medicinal compounds, and many other ingredients are common in popular vape juices around the world.

Does Vape Juice Go Bad?

Does vape juice go bad? The answer is yes. Just like any other consumable, vape juice contains ingredients that can go bad and do expire. Usually, many e-juices have a shelf life of 1–2 years. So, what really happens?

·        Degradation of PG and VG – Both of these food-grade base ingredients have a shelf life according to the FDA in the USA and other regulatory bodies around the world. Manufacturers estimate an expiration date based on the shelf life of the base they have used.

·        Oxidation – Nicotine undergoes fast oxidation especially when exposed to direct sunlight. But even when it is not, there is some form of slow oxidation. And this reduces the shelf life of vape juices with higher nicotine levels.

·        Degradation of flavorings – Different flavorings degrade at different levels. Hence, the manufacturer should provide guidance appropriately.

What Happens When Vape Juices Go Bad?

First, there is a change in color. If you have bought some e-juice and notice a change in color, then you should be careful. This happens due to the oxidation process or degradation of flavorings.

The degradation of PG and VG might change the consistency of the vape juice. Some might develop lumps while others might thicken or lighten depending on the ingredients used. This is something that you should always check.

Change in taste is another sign of e-juice that has gone bad. Mostly, it is a sign that the e-juice has gone stale. Fresh vape juice should taste great unless you do not like the flavor.

How to Buy Vape Juice

Are you trying to answer the question, “When does vape juice go bad?” It is worth knowing how to buy vape juice that is fresh in the first place. First, the e-juice should have a recent date of manufacture. This means that you can use it for a long time as long as you store it appropriately. Buying vape juice with an expiration date that is close is not good.

The other thing to check is the color and consistency. If you are a regular vaper, you should know the right color of your favorite e-juice. For newbies, it is all about making a logical judgment and trusting a reliable seller.

Speaking of a reliable seller, ensure that the shop is legit and that it has a good reputation. This means that they sell their inventory quickly and that you are not likely to find vape juices that are almost expired.

How to Store Vape Juice

How you store your e-juice determines whether it will go bad before the expiration date or not. Hence, it is important to know this if you are wondering, “Does vape juice go bad?”

Store in a cool and dry place – Just like many other consumables, your vape juice should not be dumped just anywhere in your house. Probably, you should have a lockable cabinet to keep your vape juice in a cool corner of your house.

Store in a dark place – To avoid oxidation, it is always good to keep them in a dark place. The good thing is that they come in dark bottles of 100 ml to further avoid this. That means storing your bottles on the window is a no-no.

Effects of Using Expired Vape Juice

There are so many things that can happen to vapers when they use vape juice that has gone bad. First, health can be greatly compromised. The FDA and other consumer protection bodies say that it is harmful to use expired PG and VG. Stale nicotine contains more toxins than fresh nicotine. Hence, it is better to avoid it by all means.

There is also an awful taste and experience in your mouth. Many experienced vapers can tell when vape juice has gone bad. Expired vape juice can cause your mouth to go numb and lose a sense of taste. Therefore, always consider vape juice that has not gone bad at all.

Lastly, using vape juice that has gone bad is a waste of money. Of course, you will not finish it, and you will have to buy more. So, store it appropriately so that it does not go bad.


We have now answered the question, “Does vape juice go bad?” The bottom line is to avoid buying vape juice that is almost expired or that shows signs of having gone bad. Store your vape juice well, and all will be good.