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How to Optimize Your WordPress Site for Your Next Business Event

WordPress remains a very popular platform for businesses of all sizes. You can start your website on this content management platform within a few mi

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WordPress remains a very popular platform for businesses of all sizes. You can start your website on this content management platform within a few minutes, and without writing a single piece of code. If you are planning to host your next event, you can dedicate a new website for that event. Before you do that, make sure to optimize your WordPress site the right way.

To begin with, you need to choose between or The former is easy to use and you don’t need to be an expert in web hosting and other technical matters. However, you would still need a domain like for your business. Companies like GoDaddy and Bluehost rent out domain names for a price.

Adding functionalities to your site

Themes define your website. There are several free and paid themes, each suited to a line of business such as travel, entertainment, events, eating out, and so on. At this point, you would also like to add plugins to your website. A plugin is a tool that customizes your website according to your needs. Plugins also enhance your online marketing activities and track their results. has more than 40,000 free and paid plugins, but read online reviews before installing your plugins.

Adding plugins is a tricky business. Some of these tools, while being free, are badly managed and can cause your site to crash. While starting a website on the WordPress platform is very quick and easy, maintaining it costs money. The main recurring cost is the annual hosting fee and the domain rental.

Make sure to optimize your site for mobile phone users. As more and more men and women spend more time traveling, it is imperative that they receive mobile-friendly content. According to a recent study, optimizing your event website for mobile phone users may increase your conversion rates by 5%.

How to further optimize your event website?

At this stage, you might want to add ticketing partner widgets such as Eventbrite WordPress to augment your event marketing efforts, but this isn’t always a good idea, as discussed in the linked article. While choosing the right partner, pay attention to technical details like crash reports, customer support, and ease of use of your ticketing partner app or plugin. The last thing that you would want is customers walking away from your site because of technical snags.

Many small business owners get carried away upon seeing so many free plugins and widgets. But adding too many unnecessary tools to your event website will slow it down. This will cause many potential customers to walk away and you will get bad reviews. The sad part is that apart from losing potential revenue, you will lose your reputation as well.

Just add the essential elements to your ‘sell-out’ website and focus on your content. Finally, add a useful plugin such as YoastSEO to your event website. This tool will tell you how your site is doing in search results. YoastSEO will also guide you on how to add meta descriptions, headlines, cover images, and other items to your website so that it gets optimized.