How to Style: Soft Girl

Character: Gentle and loving, she delights the world and emanates kindness. This sweetie generally wears oversized T-shirts and square skirts. The


Gentle and loving, she delights the world and emanates kindness. This sweetie generally wears oversized T-shirts and square skirts. The girl like this is called a soft girl.

She can easily cry while watching a film, a novel, or other artwork. She has adorable school supplies and brings treats to class. And she is really charming. These girls also are fascinating and compassionate. They tend to choose delicate pastel colours. Soft aesthetic is full of pink hearts, rainbows, cute fluffy animals and butterflies.

Where came from:

The “soft girl” trend was born in TikTok and is undoubtedly related to the e-girl and VSCO-Girl subcultures. This style came to light in the beginning of 2019, when many TikTok girls and boys started to dramatically change their look and style. Nowadays , people of either gender have chosen to be friendly, sensitive, adorable and kind.
Soft girls are defined by a mixture of hypertrophic femininity with immature features in looks and behaviour, along with nostalgic dressing style and overall “delicate” elegance.

Makeup style:

The soft girl chooses soft pink and peach light shades. The very same relates to make-up and hairstyle. On the contrary the E-girl prefers neon pink or other unnatural crazy hairstyles. On the other hand, Soft Girl prefers pastels and a natural look. So the pastels are everything! Gentle pink in all ways helps to build the impression of a gentle, innocent child. Initial colors are peach, pink, and rose.


The key elements of clothing are nice tops, florals, school uniform or tennis dresses, mom’s jeans and comfortable neural (usually innocently white) socks. They prefer white shoes or sneakers or black high school shoes. The usual look consists of pastel pink top, light blue mom’s shorts, warm and comfortable fluffy sweaters and cute socks.
In summer, oversized high waisted jeans are replaced with some cute shorts or a skirt. Clothes which are not quite the right size are a huge part of the trend.

Hairbands are the main hair piece for soft kids, often arranged all over the head.
If you’re still not ready to really go complete pink all over the place, some hair chalk or spray and some pink elements can help you to maintain the soft girl look.
Furthermore, you need oversized t-shirts and a light pink fluffy cardigan. Add rainbow socks to your style. Don’t forget about the hoodie or the sweater. But also, of course, you need the right shoes or sneakers and cute makeup to make it perfect. Here is some cute clothes at collection Soft Girl.


No soft girl can do without a couple of badges, headbands, fun socks or pure white socks. The cute picture will be finished by a fluffy little bag or a backpack. Freckles are very in for this look, and that’s because soft girls who do not have any freckles necessarily really do have a favorite pencil or liner to apply them on their skin.
In addition, Soft-girl likes to moons, clouds, hearts, butterflies and other cute elements on their faces.