Instagram Stories: Here are more than 30 ideas for your next stories


Instagram Stories: Here are more than 30 ideas for your next stories

Instagram Stories a great way to engage with your audience. In fact, statistics indicated that in late 2020 more than 500 million people viewed Inst

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Instagram Stories a great way to engage with your audience. In fact, statistics indicated that in late 2020 more than 500 million people viewed Instagram stories daily; this number is almost twice the number of views on the Snapchat application. There is no doubt if it is necessary for Instagram stories to be an essential part of all your social media marketing strategy in the year 2019-2020. It is also worth noting that although we have witnessed a significant decrease in the rate of interaction with some posts, the rate of commitment with Instagram stories remained high.

If you are not one of those who publish regularly on the story, you have to catch up and work to make it one of your priorities.

We have collected 33 ideas to help you, so do not worry and continue reading the article to start the application and share your success with us in the comments.

1- Share your location:

The participation of the place plays a big role in increasing the number of followers, as all the accounts that our company work with get about 50% more views if the place is added to the story. If you are also good at choosing the appropriate hashtags, then you will definitely double the number of views, and the equation is very easy: more views = more followers.

2- Ask questions and polls:

From time to time, Instagram adds new features. Among the latest developments is the feature of opinion polls, and it is clear that Instagram is always working on adding new features and modifications in order to increase the percentage of interaction and participation, and since conducting opinion polls is no longer a new thing, but it is still a great way to get your audience to do something and interact with you. Studies in psychology indicate that if a person does something for you in the present, the percentage that he likes you more increases, and the percentage that he does something to help you in the future becomes greater.

The secret to this success is asking a simple question with easy and affordable answers. For example, if you are a fashion professional, you can ask your followers to help you choose which shirt color to wear today.

3- Encourage your followers to message you privately

Many of those who own large pages on Instagram have noticed a significant change in the level of audience interaction after changing the app’s algorithm at the end of 2020. Now Instagram is trying to present content based on what you want to see and like what you like in posts. If you notice well, you will find that your homepage is full of the content of accounts that you know and interact with a lot.

Having a direct connection with an account on Instagram gives a very strong signal to the new algorithm that this account is for a friend or acquaintance, and not just a random account that you followed up on in the past and forgot its existence. Therefore, ask your followers to message you in order for your account to turn into an important account for them and they can see your developments in the foreground.

We know that your main goal is to increase the number of your followers and increase the level of engagement, but do not forget that this strategy will allow you to get acquainted with your followers closely and create a relationship with them. This is the basis on which social media sites should be based; That is, it creates real relationships between accounts.

4- Encourage your followers to turn on post notifications:

Another great way to boost your engagement is to ask your followers to turn on post notifications. So every time you post something, they will receive a notification. This will definitely increase the amount of Likes and Comments your posts receive.

5- Share your day’s mood with your followers:

Since we are in a volatile world and the days are not the same, it is normal for each day to be different. The issue is also for your stories, as you don’t necessarily have to post everything that is perfect. We are human beings and what makes us special is our lack of idealism, and therefore it is best to share honesty with your followers so that they feel a connection with you more deeply..

When you are in a hurry, just let your audience know what is currently going on in your life and why you are so busy and unable to participate permanently. If you simply don’t want to put something cool on your stories, it’s okay to say so.

On the one hand, it depends a little on your niche in the Instagram world, the industry, and the quality of your business. In some cases, you may not want to appear moody and lazy. For example, fitness coaches cannot appear low-energy and unmotivated.

6- Make a clear stance:

If there is something that you are passionate about, passionate about, and constantly liking to talk about, then make it good content for your Instagram stories. In order for people to consider you a person with a position and pay attention to opinions, you must develop a specific opinion on a topic and continue to talk about it and put it forward with logic and proof so that they do not consider your account a boring account. Do not be afraid to express your opinion freely and credibly, because you will inevitably find people who do not like what you post. On the other hand, people who love your account and respect you value you more for your honesty and sharing your opinions.

7- Post teasers:

Are you planning to launch a new product or service?

That’s cool! Posting Instagram teasers is a great idea for your upcoming releases and is a great way to entice your audience and get them excited to learn more. We recommend that you use both video and photos for these posts.

8- Use emoji stickers:

When you’re feeling fun, never hesitate to use stickers to add your own touch to your stories.

9- Make extensive marketing of your products and services:

This may sound very intuitive, but many people fail to promote their products and services on Instagram stories. Show your product from different angles and shoot videos of how to use it.

If you provide services to your clients, post short videos explaining what you do and why these services are so important to your clients. Be very clear about the value and utility of the service and don’t just fall into the trap of sharing features.

10- Share other pages:

It’s a great way to build meaningful, strong relationships with the people you love who share similar content with you. Also, Instagram stories are the best place to promote and share pages of people whose content you love and want your followers to follow them as well. What makes stories a special place to publish such type of content is that it does not require the post to be perfect, the important thing is to convey the message and invite people to take the required step of them.

You can do this by typing the page name or post screenshots for their page with their name included to be able to view the page.

11- Always share the “Drag the screen”button” Swipe Up”

Unfortunately, there is no feature available Swipe up Instagram Stories except for accounts with more than 10K + followers. If you are not there yet, we suggest that you apply the other tips first in order to increase the number of your followers. Feature Swipe up Perfect for promoting your latest posts if you are a blogger or opinion leader who frequently posts on your own blog or website. Of course you can be more creative and try hard with this feature to direct the traffic to the product page via giveaways and so on. If you want to increase the percentage of people using it, set a designer to add some animation to an arrow Swipe up In order to make it unique to your page only. This will make it more attractive and definitely increase the usage rate.

12- Promote your latest post:

If you post less regularly, it might be a good idea to promote your posts by promoting your post through story to get your followers to see and interact with the post. You can take a screenshot of your posts page, hide your latest posts, and save that image for sharing on the story. Add @ your username and invite your followers to visit your profile to see the last post. This way people can click on the username and easily visit your page in order to interact with the post. You can also just press the publish button for your last post and publish it on the story with writing an expressive sentence over it to push your followers to see it..

13- Post custom videos your way:

If you really want your page to stand out, you have to upgrade your videos to the story level.   

Almost everyone posts very generic videos and photos in their stories. There is usually a little bit of video / photo editing so not a lot of artistic side about this. For this, we recommend that you try to stand out by publishing interesting and unique stories by editing them. Of course, it is not that easy, so if you use this strategy, it will inevitably differ from others.

14- Edit your videos the easy and right way:

If you don’t want to do everything in the video editing process, then adding music to videos really adds an amazing dimension. Besides that, there are tons of different free apps that you can use to edit simple videos on your phone.

Therefore, you can shoot videos and photos with only your phone’s camera. Then add the best of these clips to your stories with appropriate music that matches the story.

Remember to keep the 15 second time limit for each clip.

15- Share meaningful quotes:

Nothing is better than seeing a motivational quote in the morning from an account you follow; is not it?

If your account is not specialized in this type of post, then posting quotes in your stories is a great idea. This will not spoil the look and aesthetics of your posts on your own page.

You can use Adobe Spark or Canva or Design Wizard or Easil To create great graphics for your account and also design these quotes nicely.

16- Use writing to publish a regular message:

Every time you want to say something to your audience it doesn’t have to be a video or an image; publishing a short text will definitely do the trick. You don’t need to use editing and editing tools in order to write; Instagram now offers backgrounds for storyboards for writing. You can now easily post your own writing and some thoughts or simply say “Good morning.””.

17- Share success stories of your products or services:

If you work with clients or if you have a product that helps solve a problem for your customers, make sure you feature some of their stories with that product / service on Instagram as well.

One of the best ways to do this is to view screenshots for actual comments. This makes it look real to the follower.

You can go further and ask your customers to submit a video testimonial, which you can post in your stories. If you lack time and people are submitting their testimonials without asking, then make shots screenshot it is the easiest solution at the beginning.

18- Share your work successes:

Nobody likes people who take great pride in themselves, but some pride in success is sometimes necessary. Instagram is largely about sharing your lifestyle with others. If you are doing well in your career, life, personal, etc., then share that in a smart way. Your goal should be to inspire people and let them know what you have achieved. You must therefore always find a good balance between pride and humility.

19- Show the best of your work:

Are you a designer, a photographer, a developer, or actually someone who creates and creates something?

Instagram can be a good place to showcase your work. Use Instagram stories to promote your business. There are more than two ways to do this.

For starters, you can shoot a quick video talking about your latest project or simply post a photo of the finished product.

20- Share how you work:

It is simply the principle of “take your followers on a day tour of your business.”

If people are following you because of what you are and what you do, then showing you how you work might be an innovative idea to get your followers closer. Viewing photos and videos at the same time you are working may not be comfortable and easy for you, but the more you practice this method, the more you become accustomed to sharing.

Here’s a helpful tip: If you work at an office table, and this is the most interesting part about your business use a mobile phone tripod stand and shoot a video of your work in a way. Time lapse the whole day. Don’t forget to add suitable music to the video before uploading. If there are several people working with you and your brand, it might be a good idea to create similar posts for them as well.

21- Create your own unique wallpapers:

Once you are really good with the editing tools we mentioned before, you can create awesome moving wallpapers that people can download because they love the backgrounds so much. If you are not good at this, then just hire a free editor to provide you with some great backgrounds related to your field.

It is a great way to market your brand indirectly, whenever your followers open their phone, they will see this background and will definitely remember your brand.

Always remember that when you post a wallpaper, people will be photographing it screenshots, so don’t write anything extra on it. Also, make sure to add some space on the sides, as people will likely cut out the top, bottom, and a few of the sides.

You can write on the first story that you will share with your followers a background for them in the next story and so they are ready to do the screenshots.  Alternatively, you can use the feature swipe up that are related to Dropbox Or link Google Drive Where you downloaded the wallpaper (s).

22- Share your comments about a specific product and service:

It really doesn’t matter whether you manage a personal account or a brand account; Reviews of products and services and sharing your opinion is a great idea for Instagram stories.

Since this content will be important to your followers, it is suggested that you add these reviews as Story highlight In order to save them. Express your honest opinion in the video or use the background layout to write about the product / service’s features and benefits.

Make sure to add a hashtag or tag to the product / service you’re reviewing. There is a chance that this trademark will see your post and re-publish it and then indirectly help you to spread further. So make your review interesting, high quality and honest.

23- Boost your hashtag status

Every brand should develop a hashtag of its own. It can be the product name, brand name, or symbolize a name that your target market can go with.

These hashtags are usually used in posted comments, but stories are a good way to promote this hashtag and the campaign associated with the hashtag.

24- Show your workplace:

If the presentation of your work and what you have done before is not enough for your audience, then publish a summary of your workplace. Your followers will definitely like to know if your office is messy and dirty or rather clean. This organization says a lot about a person. If you’re more creative, showing a messy desk isn’t necessarily bad. But our advice to you is to always appear natural.

25- Share your other pages on social media:

If you haven’t started building a presence on other social media channels, then you should hurry it up. Currently we and everyone believe in Instagram and we still believe that it is one of the best social media platforms to interact with your audience. Over the past year, we’ve seen some major updates on Instagram that haven’t been as good as brands and marketers as they used to be. We strongly suggest that you sometimes mention your other platforms even if you are not very active on them, diversification is very important.

26- Give some free gifts:

If you want to get more Instagram followers, this is probably the process Giveaways One of the best strategies for that.

You can either host it alone or do it in conjunction with another account, which is better in terms of getting new followers.

So, shoot a story announcing the start of the Giveaways and add a quick definition if you can.

27- Share your favorites:

You might have noticed on YouTube big influencers making videos about favorites.

In short, it is a brief overview of the products, services, books, and more that a person really likes. This is usually done month after month (like my favorite in April). If you lack ideas for Instagram stories, then making short clips about your favorites for this month might be a good choice. To make this process easier for you, I recommend taking notes within a month (any notes app on your phone will do).

When a new month arrives, you can simply go through your notes and start shooting tons of videos about your favorites last month.

28- Share your unboxing moments:

Getting new things shipped to you is exciting, isn’t it? If you are excited, so will your followers. So, shoot stories about yourself during the box-opening phase that you ordered online. Maybe it is something for your business? Better yet, you can briefly describe how you will use this to make you more productive and provide better service to your customers.

When you have tens of thousands of followers, brands will send you their products all the time, so you should always be ready to post this type of content..

29- Last before and after sharing:

Is your business characterized by permanent change? For example, fitness coaches, commercial coaches, designers, refurbishes and everyone who can present their work in “before and after” can make their Instagram shine..

Before and after mixes well between these two things. So make sure to shoot a lot of content before you start working on something so that you have material “before” once you edit it together.

30- Always share new lessons and learning methods with your followers:

Educating your followers inevitably increases engagement, no doubt about it. It also helps to make yourself appear as an expert in this field.

So keep doing the relevant tutorials in your niche. If you are a fitness trainer, consider nutrition and exercise plans. If you’re a designer or photographer, consider tutorials Photoshop And the Lightroom .

If you work in a field where there is nothing interesting to put together a tutorial about, just talk to your audience and find out what they struggle with in their lives and businesses. See if there’s something you can help turn into a cute Instagram story.

31- Tips and Tricks:

This is quite similar to the previous point. The main difference here is that the tips and tricks are presented in a very short format. If you are considering a tutorial or guide, this method probably won’t fit the idea of ​​publishing it in a single store. However, a simple tip or trick can greatly benefit your account.

For example, you can start posting Advice Today. This will help your followers to stay excited to see your stories every day.

32- Share behind the scenes:

Keep your followers aware of what’s happening by giving them a sneak peek into the scenes. Everyone likes to be part of the uniqueness and see how it goes. Let’s say you plan to launch a product or put together new strategies – share it and make a story to spread it.

33- Make a live video broadcast:

If you want to get a huge following on Instagram, you need to host your live broadcast sessions.

Not just Instagram, but all social media platforms encourage the use of live video. Tell your followers that you do this consistently (daily / weekly).

Live video is a great way to talk to your followers. Don’t stress if you only have 10 to 20 viewers at the start. If you go live for the first time, you probably won’t get much views.

If you haven’t tried yet, hosting a live broadcast with someone else in your niche can be a good start. As of late 2020, you can perform a live split screen with someone watching.