Study: Video games may be beneficial and have therapeutic benefits

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Study: Video games may be beneficial and have therapeutic benefits

A global study reports that video games can help boost teens' outcomes in subjects such as math and science. It found that students who enjoyed pl

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A global study reports that video games can help boost teens’ outcomes in subjects such as math and science.

It found that students who enjoyed playing in moderation generally scored higher on tests and had better luck in digital problem-solving assignments, but those who played multiplayer games over the Internet had worse scores.

The study recommended that schools consider using comics and other unusual materials in the classroom to enhance boys’ interest in reading.

The study indicated that one of the reasons the guys scored higher in reading and writing could be due to the focus on imagination, which was found to be more attractive to girls in the curriculum.

The study showed that female spend more time on homework and reading for fun than their male colleagues, while boys are more likely to spend much more time with video games.

The study found that only a quarter of males and 56% of females have rarely / or never played the more traditional single-player video games, while 71% of females have never attempted to play multiplayer video games online, while only 29% of males have never played. They do that.

It may have therapeutic benefits

A prominent gaming expert said video games could relieve pain, divert the attention of patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, and aid them in gaining skills, despite reports that they may lead to violent behavior in teens.

In the cases of patients with arm ailments, computer games were used to enhance strength and dexterity, while in cases of children suffering from the inability to learn to develop their abilities.

Some researchers said, “The degree of attention required to play these games may distract a player from feeling pain.”

And he explains that it has therapeutic benefits as well for a type of adults, including wheelchair users with spinal cord defects, severe burns and muscle atrophy.

Despite the widespread talk about the negative effects of these games, such as wrist pain, delirium and recurrent mood impairment, the researcher believes that these effects are temporary and may result from other causes.

“Some of these adverse effects seem rare, and many of them end when patients stop playing the game,” he added.

The researcher called for more studies on the long-term effects of video games and the resulting excessive practice.

It burn fat as a brisk walk

Another medical study revealed that some video games benefit players in burning fat as if they were practicing brisk walking.

British researchers said that recent developments in the video game industry have allowed a variety of new controllers in the game, so that playing with them requires moving the body.

And they note that their research reveals some positive consequences of playing video games, which they blame for increasing childhood obesity.

The research team stated that players can burn up to 300 calories in half an hour of playing video games, which is equivalent to the same amount of calories burned during an hour of brisk walking.

May improve eyesight

A third medical study found that video games with high levels of movement increase the player’s visual ability.

According to the results of the study, players experienced in video-action games became visually better at perceiving various nuances by 58%, compared to non-players. One of the best online games that prove this is Slot Online

A recently published study found that action video games train the brain to process available visual information more efficiently, and improvements persist for months after play stops.

The researchers believe that the results show that visual training with motion video games may be useful as a complement to eye correction techniques, because training by playing teaches the visual cortex of the brain to make better use of the information it receives.