Owning or renting a private jet, concepts and benefits

Not everyone can afford to buy a private plane. It is still a luxury, despite the fact that its number is increasing every year.  This t

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Not everyone can afford to buy a private plane. It is still a luxury, despite the fact that its number is increasing every year. 

This trend is due to the continuous increase in the number of the rich, as well as the fact that many of them prefer convenience and speed when doing business.

 In addition, private jets can be properly operated, especially by those who travel a lot, and can be more profitable than using regular flights. 

Who can afford to buy a private plane today? A rich retired or business-minded businessman? Or maybe a completely different person?

The issue of owning a private jet is mainly seen as a matter of high social status. 

Even with your Cessna, you can search for yachts and sports cars. After all, there are no people flying every day to a business meeting on a business jet. 

It is worth noting here and the financial aspect of the issue – aircraft maintenance requires a large group of different types of specialists. Only a small group of rich people can afford.

Why Owning Private Jet?

The aircraft is now considered the fastest and safe transportation. The increasing number of travelers flocking to different regions of the world every year, and the expansion of road stations and the congestion in passport control compel many businessmen to consider investing in purchasing their own aircraft.

General airlines do not adapt to the meeting schedule even for the richest passengers. 

The very strict flight schedule and a limited number of trips to the right places were the reason why some businessmen were willing to pay several million dollars for a private plane.

And from the confessions of private jet owners, these investments have to pay off quickly.

Today, most private planes fly over the territory of the United States, but more and more are now in Europe. 

The third largest market in the Middle East. Asia and South America are also developing rapidly.

All over the world, there are countless small aircraft that often accommodate 2 to 4 seats, and about 15,000 large companies.

Falcon 10 plane was produced in 1970, and it was the first version of a new line of European jet aircraft designed for individual customers. Since that time, the number of aircraft of this type has not decreased, although the global crisis has slowed its growth slightly.

Many businessmen sold their planes due to the high maintenance costs and moved to regular flights. However, the number of SMEs is increasing significantly, which is identified in the private sector rather than the public sector for air transport.

Flying in a private plane

Flying in a private plane is a combination of time savings, unrivaled prestige, and comfort. 

The flight path and time can be adjusted to personal needs, and having the most confident people on board makes the time to spend a wonderful and amazing.

Even the interior view of the plane can be arranged according to personal interests and desires – such as a typical office, hotel room or “home style”.

A private business jet passenger will not have to endure the stress that often prevails on congested flights, and they will quickly reach the target. 

In contrast to flying with an airline, a private plane is available anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night. 

An unexpected trip to Hong Kong ? Even this is not a problem if, of course, you have your own aircraft. The Icarus Jet as an example of most reputable companies in field of private plane charter world wide.

Buying or renting?

Do we really need a personal plane?

This is the case with an apartment – you can strive to get a mortgage loan and live even in a small house but it is your home, or you can spend your entire life on rent and not linked to one place. 

With a private plane, the same story – sometimes, instead of buying it, it’s a good idea to hire a plane. Then some dangerous sums can be avoided, including paying to park them in the barn.

It is believed that owning your own private jet will pay off if he spends at least 300 hours a year.

Sure, there are experts who either underestimate or exaggerate the importance of these statistics, but if we plan to spend just a few hours a year in the air, it is better to hire a plane from the carrier. 

It should be noted that the cheapest (used) commercial airliner must pay at least $ 10 million, and a plane  BombardierGlobal 5000 it is one of the fastest and most luxurious aircraft in the world, and starts at $ 35 million.

While the price of a plane  BombardierGlobalExpress XRS is a few million cheaper. This is why you must add the costs of storage in the hangar and pay for pilots’ services, as well as the cost of fuel. a

The annual cost of this can reach a few million dollars. By the way, a new plane, not a car you can buy directly from the salon. The waiting time for most Bombardier models exceeds one and a half years.

Customers who want to travel faster in the air, choose from among the most often light aircraft Piper UI Amigo or Chico. They can travel large enough distances, and for takeoff and landing you need a simple stripe or grassy meadow.

The pleasure gained from owning your own plane cannot be compared to any other plane. In fact, at this moment, a piece of the sky in which we fly only belongs to us.