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Stopped From Drinking Water For a Whole Year, And This Was The Result

A woman in her fourth decade said that she resorted to "dry fasting" and did not drink water for a whole year, which contributed to an amazing improv

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A woman in her fourth decade said that she resorted to “dry fasting” and did not drink water for a whole year, which contributed to an amazing improvement in her health, in addition to all medical and health advice and scientific reports on the importance of drinking water.

According to the woman who lives on the Indonesian island of Bali, Sophie Bartek, aged 35, dry fasting helped her deal with joint pain, skin problems, food allergy and digestion problems as well as swollen eyes.

The nutritionist and yoga teacher confirmed that she does not drink water for a period of between 13 and 14 hours a day, and if she wants liquids, she turns to natural fruit juices, which she describes as “living water.”

Sophie said that she can get all the nutrients her body needs from fruits, vegetables, juices and coconut water, noting that the doctors told her that she was “fine and not suffering from anything wrong, and that if I wanted to get rid of puffiness in the eyes, I must undergo surgery” According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

She added that one of the friends who tried dry fasting suggested that she resort to this option, and she actually started applying it, noting that the results began to appear immediately, as the swelling started to improve, which led her to continue dry fasting for a longer period.

She also said that drinking bottled water or tap water exhausts the kidneys and causes all nutrients to be expelled from the body.

Water Makes You Feel Bloated

She continued, “You do not need water to keep the body hydrated. In fact, water makes you feel bloated, but when you start dry fasting, you will realize that your body does not need to Water really. “

She added that she now feels “better than ever” and that she is more energetic, considering that it is good for her kidneys, because once she takes a break for a few hours, she works better.

She said that the matter may be difficult in the beginning, because one may develop dehydration in the mouth, and that the human mindset is bound to the need for water, and therefore it feels the need to drink water, noting that because of that, it requires patience to overcome desires.

However, Sophie also stressed that dry fasting may not work for everyone, and that it should stem from the inside, but she urged people to try it and get water from vegetables and fruits, but by preparing the body for that.

It is worth noting that dry fasting restricts fluid consumption, so it is not permitted to drink water directly or through broth or tea.

The benefits of not drinking water are weight loss, improved immunity, cell regeneration, and reduced infections, of course, along with skin and skin-related benefits as well as spiritual benefits.

Dry Fasting For Long Periods of Time May Cause Serious Complications

However, it should be noted that there is not enough research on the benefits of dry fasting, noting that if dry fasting continues for long periods of time or recurring it may cause serious complications, such as dehydration that may lead to imbalance, low blood pressure, kidney problems and urinary tract infections Kidney stones are.

Other complications include lack of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, and hypoglycemia, among others.