Which 7 mobile apps on android phone -effectively


Which 7 mobile apps on android phone -effectively

Which 7 apps on android phone - effectively mobile  had told the name of a good application before this, but I do not know that my reply was deleted

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Which 7 apps on android phone – effectively mobile  had told the name of a good application before this, but I do not know that my reply was deleted by Quora.

No problem today, then I am going to write this post again. Today’s post is very much It was good to see a response. Hope you will like the logo. By the way, there are many such apps that have their own unique work. But I will tell you about some such applications which can help you as well as have fun. As we know that there is a strange app in the world but we need to research it.

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What are those 7 mobile apps that should be on everyone’s phone?

1] Google Translate: – If you want to translate any language into another language, then this app is the best for you, in this, you can also do the conversion in any language of the world with anyone.

Google Translate – Apps onGoogle Play

2] Snaptube: – It must have happened to you at some time that you watch a video on any social media platform and you like it. Even if you want to download it, then you want to download it in this app. You can download it with help. Just you have to copy and paste the link of that video on this app and can be downloaded in whatever quality you want to download. In this, you can also download any video in audio. Huh.

Free video downloader apps on android phone.

3] DigiLocker: – This application is specially designed for those people who do not want to carry their data i.e. all documents, in this, you will have all your documents like: – Aadhaar Card, Admit Card, and Marksheet related to school and college. You can easily get a pen card and driving license etc. through this app. This is an application created by the Government of India.

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Daglocks – a simple and secure document wallet on Google Play

4] Mega: – This is a great app on android phone as we all know that you can store data up to a maximum of 15GB of a Gmail account. But if you talk about Mega Apps, then you can store data up to 50GB in it. Will get

MEGA – Apps on Google Play

5] CleanFox: – This app is also very good, you will know that a lot of unnecessary notifications/messages are coming in the email that you do not have any use, so they keep filling you with storage. So this clean Fox With the help of that you can clean all the extra emails like – Facebook notifications, sponsored, etc. in one stroke. In this, you will be able to delete the mail according to you.

Cleanfox – Mail Cleaner -Clean Your Inbox -Google Play store

6 ] Lightroom: – Apps on Google Play

It is one of the best editor’s choice application, in which you will be able to edit a professional type of photo with the help of this app. You can use it on the pad and the free version. You get almost all the features on the free version. Can be found, but some more unique features are available on the pad version.

Adobe Lightroom – professional photo editor and camera –  google play

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Google Authenticator: –Apps on Google Play

 When it comes to using a smartphone you must add apps on android phone, there is also the risk of the device’s social media accounts being hacked. Therefore, when you use Google Authenticator on your device, you can use your other types of social You will be able to keep the media account safe. As you would know that when all the social media accounts are installed in two-factor authentication, then the social media account of the device is less likely to be hacked, but it also means that its OTP Is bypassed but with the help of Google Authenticator you can never access a device’s account without its OTP. In this, the OTP stays on the time base, ie the OTP changes from time to time.

GoogleAuthenticator – Apps on Google Play

Hope you find this application helpful.

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